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Introduction: Beginning graduate school is often a big change for most students. For many Cleveland is a new city, and unlike undergrad, you're not thrown into a living environment that eases the process of making new friends in a new place. The charge of the activities committee is to plan social events for graduate students to get them out of the lab and enjoying different places in the Cleveland area. These events are also an arena to facilitate new friendships between students from different departments and schools. Whether we're headed to an Indians Game, a local festival or event, or helping out with a nearby charity, GSS sponsored activities are great opportunities to meet new people and enjoy a little bit of Cleveland.

Activities Committee Charge:
The activities committee plans social and community service events for all graduate students. Some of the events happen right here on campus, allowing graduate students to participate in some of larger university events together such as Case for Community Day, Relay For Life, and the Hudson Relays. Other events provide students with the opportunity to see a little more of the city and enjoy their time in Cleveland, while simultaneously providing an avenue to develop friendships with students outside individual departments.

About the Chair: Melody Maxson. Find more details about her here.