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Faculty Senate and University Committees

CWRU LogoThe Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is the principal graduate student representative organization at Case Western Reserve University. As such, it is afforded the privilege of directly appointing graduate students to a number of important Faculty Senate and University Committees which are responsible for shaping and driving policy change throughout the university. Any graduate student interested in serving on these committees should contact the GSS Vice President. Generally, appointments are for a term of one year and the position carries the responsibility of regularly reporting to the Graduate Student Senate the activities of the committee. Some committee appointments are tied to a position on the GSS Executive Committee, e.g. the GSS President is the de facto graduate student representative to the Faculty Senate and also attends meetings of the CWRU Board of Trustees (Academic Affairs & Student Life Committee).

Faculty Senate: Graduate Student Representatives

Unless otherwise noted, all committee positions are open to all graduate students at CWRU. Most meetings occur monthly and require only a 1-1.5 hour time committment.

FacSen CommitteeStudent RepresentativeUniversity ContactPurpose
Faculty Senate Representative Queenie Cheong Rebecca Weiss The "Constitution of the University Faculty" calls for a graduate student to sit as a voting member of the Faculty Senate and represent all graduate student concerns. The GSS Executive Committee selects this representative.
Committee on Graduate Studies 1.Ray Horton
2.Ying Gao
3. Neetu Gulati
  Address issues related to all things graduate studies: These can include everything from reviewing newly-proposed graduate programs in various fields to tuition policy revisions to grievance issues.
Committee on Information Resources POSITION OPEN   Serves as a graduate student perspective on development and operation of all things related to the university's Information Services.
Committee on University Libraries Lee Zickel Mary Quinn Griffin The Committee on the University Libraries shall advise the Director and the University administration on policies and procedures relating to the operations, facilities, and budget of the University Libraries.
Committee on Minority Affairs POSITION OPEN Raymond Ku Monitor matters concerning minority affairs by bringing suggestions and strategic plans to the Faculty Senate about teaching, research, and the quality of academic life at Case so that all minorities will feel this university is a powerful place to live, work, learn, and teach.
Committee on Research 1. Marzieh Ayati
  Address university research issues on levels ranging from individual topics to interdepartmental collaboration, such as data custody policy revisions and procedural and documental changes to collaborative research proposals and award guidelines.

University Committees: Graduate Student Representatives

Unless otherwise noted, all committee positions are open to all graduate students at CWRU. Most meetings occur monthly and require only a 1-1.5 hour time committment.

CommitteeStudent RepresentativeUniversity ContactRole
CWRU Board of Trustees: Academic Affairs & Student Life Committee Queenie Cheong Susan Karaba To evaluate and oversee the implementation of the academic program of the University and keep the Board of Trustees informed about academic affairs. Other responsibilities include overseeing strategies for the enrichment of the quality of student life, making recommendations on related policies, and providing the Board with continuing knowledge of research activities. * - The GSS President is an ex officio member of the AASL committee, in accordance with the Board of Trustee's own governing documents.
Parking Advisory Committee POSITION OPEN N/A The PAC was formed to review parking policies and procedures and make appropriate recommendations to the University administration. If a parking policy is affected, the PAC also considers requests from parkers for special parking accommodations resulting from special job requirements or other circumstances. The PAC is composed of two faculty members, two staff members, two graduate students, two undergraduate students and a representative of the Parking Office. Committee members serve for two years. The chairperson of the committee is appointed by the Vice President of finance and administration.
University Health Services Stacey Chung Mary Beth Katitus Represent graduate student issues that are present in University Health Services
Collegiate Behavioral Council Melody Maxson Jes Sellers Represent graduate student issues that are present in University Counseling Services and Collegiate Behavioral Health
University LGBTA Committee Michael Chiappini Jes Sellers  
College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Committee Shu Situ Marcia Camino The GSS School of Arts & Sciences Executive sits on this committee.
College of Arts & Sciences Committee on Educational Programs Hayley Verdi Cynthia Stilwell The committee is designed to review and decide the validity of any changes to the current courses, structure, and degree programs contained within either SAGES or the college of arts and sciences. It would e extremely helpful to the student if he/she were involved in a program in the college of arts and sciences. The graduate student input was treated on par with any other member of the committee. This committee long was absent of a graduate student rep and most members were glad to see one this year.
Plan Action Committee Queenie Cheong Richard Baznik  
Share the Vision Committee POSITION OPEN Mayo Bulloch The goal of the Share the Vision campaign is to build a just and humane campus community at Case Western Reserve University. Through the efforts of faculty, staff, and students, the Share the Vision committee helps provide programs and activities that strengthen our sense of shared values and goals.
President's Advisory Council On Women (PACOW) POSITION OPEN Denise Douglas  
President's Child Care Committee 1.Benjamin GunnAyati
2. Lee Zickel
Chris Sheridan  
Graduate and Professional Student Experience Committee (GPSEC) Queenie Cheong Denise Douglas The GPSEC (Graduate/Professional Student Experience Committee) members are from various Student Affairs Offices who currently serve graduate students or have an interest in expanding their services to include graduate students. The following Student Affairs Offices are currently represented: ESS, Career Center, Counseling Center, University Health Services, International Student Services, and University Student Affairs. There are also representatives from the professional schools that have participated in the past and some that continue to participate; WSOM, MSASS, Law, Nursing, Med.
Martin Luther King Advisory Board POSITION OPEN Mayo Bulloch The Board oversees the planning of the Case MLK Celebration Week, determines the number and variety of activities, and solicits and evaluates proposals for mini-grants from schools, academic departments, student organizations, and University offices. Students are selected by invitation from the MLK Advisory Board.
University Budget Committee Francis Enane Virginia Leitch Represent graduate student issues that are present in University budget
Case School of Engineering Graduate Studies Committee Brylee Tiu Pat Crago The committee is designed to review and decide Course Action Forms for changes or additions to the course work for graduate studies. It is the duty of the CSE executive to sit on this committee. The GSS School of Engineering Executive sits on this committee.
Sexual Harassment Panel Katrina Alber Sue Nickel-Schindewolf University committee to review the university Sexual Assault policy. The committee will be charged by Lynn Singer, Deputy Provost and Glenn Nicholls, Vice President for Student Affairs.
Advisory Committee on Research Computing (ACRC) Marzieh Ayati Lev Gonick  
Information Technology Services Planning and Advisory Committee (ITSPAC) - Customer Service Subcommittee (CSS) Marzieh Ayati Kirsten Nagel To provide ideas, identify problems, challenges, as well as opportunities for ITS to better serve the information technology needs of the campus community and to help develop a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement in the delivery of services amongst the campus? distributed IT community
WISER (Women in Science and Engineering Roundtable) POSITION OPEN Mary Rouse To promote the academic excellence of people, particularly women, pursuing science at CWRU by building a learning community and by giving them the tools they need to succeed.
Staff Advisory Council (ex-officio) POSITION OPEN Christian Swol, Chair, Staff Advisory Council The Staff Advisory Council was created in 1990 as the first fully representative staff organization at Case Western Reserve University. The Council is unincorporated, advisory in nature, and acts within the limits of our Consitution. The Council meets at least six times a year to discuss issues that interest and impact staff members. Council Objectives: Serve as an advisory group with both administration and staff to suggest, comment, and provide feedback on policies and issues that affect the University and the people it serves, act as a forum for dialogue between University staff and administration on all levels, ensure that communication among staff of the University is maintained on all levels.
Commencement Speaker Committee Queenie Cheong Eric Kicken  
Diversity Leadership Council POSITION OPEN Marilyn Mobley The newly formed Diversity Leadership Council brings together leaders from the many diversity organizations on campus into a cohesive unit that helps share insights and promote dialogue throughout the university and its surrounding area. Resources for faculty, staff, students and the community are all represented.