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Health and Wellness Committee

No one is immune to the benefits of a healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and stress management. Even though these concepts are tried and true, it is not uncommon to push them aside. However, creating easy means to take time to focus on health has the ability to benefit every participating student.

The Graduate Student Senate Health & Wellness Committee has been working hard to improve your health care and health insurance benefits over the last year. Our goals this year are to facilitate more effective communication with students about the health benefits offered to them; to assess Case's competitiveness in comparison with other institutions regarding the health care it offers its students; and to encourage and improve student participation in preventive health related activities.

How can I learn about the healthcare provided for graduate students at Case Western Reserve University?

  • To learn more about the Student Medical Plan, please visit the official Case Western Reserve University Health Service webpage.

  • For questions regarding what the GSS is doing to improve healthcare for graduate students, or to get involved yourself, contact the committee chair at

  • For specific questions regarding medical advice, billing, and specific, personal, or confidential health concerns, you should contact University Health Service either by e-mail or by calling (216)368-3050.  

  • For emergencies, you should call the emergency hotline at 216-368-2450.  The GSS Healthcare Committee cannot provide professional medical advice for students.  Please contact a physician for such inquiries.

Health and Wellness Committee Charge:
The duties, powers, and responsibilities of the Health & Wellness Committee shall be to:
1) Use available survey and financial data and other information to prioritize areas to be targeted for improvement in the areas of health and wellness.
2) Represent graduate student interests as decisions are made regarding health and wellness benefits for graduate students and their dependents.
3) Communicate information regarding health and wellness benefits on campus, including (but not limited to):
   a) Maintaining the GSS Health & Wellness Committee's webpage, in conjunction with the GSS Information Officer, as appropriate.
   b) Taking a proactive role on health and wellness issues and benefits by working closely with health/wellness-care offices on campus, including (but not limited to) University Health Services, University Counseling Services, Institutional Research and the health insurance carrier covering graduate students and their dependents.
   c) Working with other GSS Committees to plan events that promote health and wellness on campus.

About the Chair: Stacey Chung.

Find more details about her here.