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GSS Committees

"I think the greatest advantage of getting involved in the GSS is that you get to change anything you think needs improving."

— James P. Harris, GSS President 2008-2009

Committees are the business-end of the Graduate Student Senate (GSS). When graduate students and Senators alike bring problems to the floor of the Senate, finding or creating a solution often falls to the Senate's standing and ad-hoc committees. If a committee does not exist to address an issue, and the issue is compelling enough, an ad-hoc committee may be created and charged to explore and solve specific issues. The standing committees of the GSS are responsible for planning events and social outings (Activities Committee), providing professional development opportunities (Professional Development Committee), improving the university's mentoring experience for graduate students (Mentoring Committee), allocating and distributing special funds to graduate students and their organizations (Student Organizations & Allocations Committee), and assessing the health care environment at the university (Health & Wellness Committee).