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Introduction: Graduate students have an enormous amount of responsibility placed on their shoulders. Coursework, teaching, preparing for qualifying exams, job rotations, funding proposals, and of course, research. Yet, to be competitive for the best positions after graduation, graduate students must also develop their skill set outside their program of study. From learning to network with others in their field, to understanding the ins-and-outs of the grant writing process, to knowing how to effectively present to a diverse audience, to navigating the job search process, to crafting new courses in their area of expertise, the successful graduate student has a lot to work on outside of their program. And, while students are surrounded by academic and research advisers, often times development of these other skills falls on the students themselves. The GSS professional development committee is here to aid graduate students by presenting them with opportunities to learn from experienced professionals specializing in these areas.

Professional Development Committee Charge:
The professional development committee is dedicated to enhancing graduate student professional life by organizing informational and educational events which provide training in skills not obtained as part of traditional graduate programs. These events provide opportunities for graduate students to draw upon the expertise of university leadership and invited guests, in addition to interacting in a collegial manner with others from Case Western Reserve University.

About the Chair: Elise Blankenship.. Find more details about her here.

Professional Development Committee Roster:

Committee Member E-Mail  
Elise Blankenship Committee Chair

Committee Goals:

  • Expand the number of professional development opportunities available to graduate students by holding at least 8 education events.
  • Increase university faculty / staff "buy in" to professional development of graduate students. Accomplish this by involving them in at least half of the professional development events.
  • Formalize the relationship between the committee and university departments to foster an inclusive environment for the professional development of students. These departments include but are not limited to: UCITE, the Case Career Center, ESS, and the Office of Student Activities and Leadership.
  • Evaluate the TA training process for graduate students at Case and formulate and action plan for its improvement.

Professional Development Committee Meeting Minutes / Agendas:

Recordings of prior events:

A Scientist in DC (1 of 4): 

A Scientist in DC (2 of 4): 

A Scientist in DC (3 of 4): 

A Scientist in DC (4 of 4):