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Organizations and Allocations Committee

Introduction: After paying tuition, fees, and living expenses, most graduate students are stretched thin financially. It is therefore the job of the Organization and Allocations Committee to try to alleviate some of the other graduate school expenses when possible. This committee tries to ease the financial burden to individual graduate students and their organizations by awarding money for incidentals for conferences, thesis/dissertation binding, and money to run new GSS recognized organizations.

Organizations & Aloocations Committee Charge:
The Organization and Allocations Committee is dedicated to alleviating the financial burden on graduate student who may be going to conferences and/or need to bind their thesis or dissertation. The committee also tries to encourage the formation of new graduate school organizations across campus by providing money for new organization incidentals.

About the Chair: Tirth Bhatta. Find more details about him here.

Organizations & Allocations Committee Roster:

Committee Member E-Mail  
Tirth Bhatta Committee Chair

CWRU Student Activities and Resource Fair: (August 19th , 2014 )