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GSS Bylaws

Constitution"...the President shall ... ensure that action is taken on resolutions of the GSS." -- Duties of the GSS President, GSS Bylaws Article III, Section C, Part 2, Clause e

The GSS Bylaws are Segmented into 11 Articles briefly summarizing the operational procedures of every aspect of the Graduate Student Senate:

  • Article I: Defines Selection of GSS Senators,
  • Article II: Defines the Duties of GSS Senators,
  • Article III: Names GSS Officers and defines their Duties,
  • Article IV: Names GSS Committees (including the Executive Committee) and Summarizes their Responsibilities,
  • Article V: Describes Meetings and the Conduct of Business,
  • Article VI: Defines the Graduate Student Activity Fee and GSS Budget,
  • Article VII: Outlines Recognition of Student Organizations,
  • Article VIII: Describes Recall Procedures for GSS Executives,
  • Article IX: Describes Mechanism of Amending GSS Bylaws,
  • Article X: Outlines V-Fund Administration, and
  • Article XI: Defines Formal Relationship with the School of Graduate Studies

You can download the latest version (ratified April 1, 2014) here: GSS Bylaws, (*.PDF format) (104 kB).