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GSS Organizational Chart 2009-2010School Executives are the primary liaisons between the graduate student body and the GSS Executive Committee. With their school's senators, they are responsible for representing the interests and needs of hundreds of graduate students at the University and are expected to maintain a regular dialogue with their school's administration on issues facing those graduate students. They span all departments granting graduate degrees within the School of Graduate Studies, and include the College of Arts & Sciences, School of Engineering, School of Medicine, and a number of Professional Schools at the University which also have graduate degrees conferred by the School of Graduate Studies. School Executives ensure that every graduate department in their school is represented by at least one senator and School Executives are in regular contact with their senators to gauge the well-being of graduate students within their school. School Executives sit on the GSS Executive Committee and are voting members of the Graduate Student Senate (GSS).

Every department granting a graduate degree conferred by the School of Graduate Studies is afforded one Senator. Being a senator is a very important responsibility. While some senators can represent as few as 5-10 graduate students, others may represent as many as 50 or 100. Senators represent the interests of one department alone and are the primary liaison between their department and the Graduate Student Senate (GSS). The process by which Senators are appointed is variable and at the sole discretion of the department being represented. Departments can have alternate Senators who serve in the absence of their primary Senator. Primary Senators are also voting members of the Graduate Student Senate (GSS).

School Executive, College of Arts & Sciences, Shu Situ


Biosketch:Shu Situ received her B.S. in Chemistry and Asian Studies from the University of Michigan in 2011. Soon after, she joined the Department of Chemistry at CWRU as a Ph.D. student. She is currently in her third year of doctoral studies developing nanomaterials for biomedical and environmental applications. She joined the GSS in 2012 as the Chemistry Senator and became a Co-Chair for the Activities Committee during 2013-2014. Throughout the year, she had worked closely with representatives from GPC in organizing social and community outreach events, which created many opportunities to connect graduate and professional students across campus. Furthermore, she is serving as the Graduate Co-chair for Relay For Life, a major American Cancer Society event recognized by the University as an Outstanding Student Program in 2013. For Relay For Life, she was involved in the behind-the-scenes event planning. She also led the GSS Relay Team in their fundraising effort and improved graduate student involvement in this great cause.

Statement of Purpose: If elected as College of Arts and Science Executive Officer, Shu will use her experience as past GSS executive committee member 1) to promote the interaction between departments through coordinating inter departmental mixers; 2) to serve as a communication bridge between CAS students, GSS executives and CAS administrations in order to ensure a smooth transition during upcoming student governments unification and 3) to strengthen the voice of CAS in new unified student government.

Senators Representing Arts & Sciences:

DepartmentSenatorAlternate Senator
Arts & Humanities
Art History & Art Samantha Reveley
Matthew Bocchi
English Jessica Slentz
Catherine Forsa
History Katherine Schaub  
Modern Languages & Literatures Karyn Newton
Music Brenton Grom  
Theater & Dance Hannah Barna  
Math & Natural Sciences
Astronomy Jay Franck
Aaron Watkins
Biology James Ferguson  
Chemistry Nicholas Tomko  
Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences
Mathematics Margaret Callahan  
Physics Melody Maxson
Statistics NONE  
Social Sciences
Anthropology NONE  
Cognitive Science Sebastian Rimehaug  
Political Science NONE  
Psychological Sciences Steffany Homolka  
Sociology Wenxuan Huang  

School Executive, School of Engineering, Brylee Tiu


Biosketch: : Brylee Tiu is a PhD candidate in the Dept. of Macromolecular Science and Engineering (EMAC) and a member of the newly organized Polymers for Energy and Transformative Research in Oil and Gas (PETRO Case) Consortium. Prior to attending CWRU, he acquired his bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering from the University of the Philippines Diliman and spent a few years as a research and teaching assistant at the University of Houston in TX. In 2012, he became a member of the Macromolecular Student Organization (MSO) where he has actively participated in organizing department events including the Polymer Initiative of the Northeast Ohio (PiNO) Conference. The following year, he then served as the Graduate Student Senator for the Polymer Department. Outside research, Brylee enjoys roadtrips, musicals, and lots of...karaoke..

Statement of Intent: This year, if elected as the School of Engineering Executive, I would like to establish regular communication with the engineering graduate student senators, encourage their involvement in the GSS and pursue activities that will cultivate further academic and professional collaboration between the departments. As a member of the executive board, I would also like to provide the necessary support that the engineering senators need from the GSS.  

Senators Representing School of Engineering:

DepartmentSenatorAlternate Senator
Biomedical Engineering Ying Gao Rajat Shivacharan
Chemical Engineering Jacob Blickensderfer Mallory Miller
Civil Engineering Hao Yu  
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Haotian Jiang, Amir Sajadi Kotchanun Jittavanich
Macromolecular Science & Engineering Brylee Tiu
Materials Science & Engineering Zhen Li Matt Dahar
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering  
TIME (The Institute for Mgmt. & Eng.) Matthias Ellegiers  

School Executive, School of Medicine, Deoye Tonade


Biosketch: : I am currently a PhD student in Pharmacology at Case. I previously did a B.S. in Biology from Purdue School of Science and I did an MPH from Indiana University School of Medicine. I am originally from Nigeria. I am currently in Timothy Kern’s laboratory in the Department of Endocrinology, studying Diabetic Retinopathy. My thesis project entails studying the role photoreceptors may play in retinal inflammation. Concerning some of my interests, I am very interested in scientific research, education, leadership and management. In my free time, I like to watch TV, watch sports, hanging out with friends and meet new people.

Statement of Intent: : I am interested in this position in order to be more involved in the graduate community and to help support certain goals to enhance graduate student learning and experience. I would like to encourage and enhance more school of medicine events rather than just department specific events. This will allow for more relationships and networking between medical students, graduate students, public health students, and other students within the school of medicine. I would also like to discuss more with students within the departments in the school of medicine and develop surveys to allow us to tackle certain issues affecting graduate student experience. Many international students and some non-resident students within the school of medicine have demonstrated difficulty on how to file their taxes. I would like to allow for a liason between the International Student Office (which provides resources on how to go about tax filing) and the School of Medicine to help students on providing resources or workshops on how to file their taxes.

Senators Representing Biomedical Sciences:

DepartmentSenatorAlternate Senator
Anatomy Niki Perez  
Anesthesiologist Assistant Roxana Crivineanu  
Biochemistry Courtney Niland Callie Merry
Bioethics Alexandra Junewicz Nido Guljon
Biomedical Sciences Training Program (BSTP) Caitlin O'Connor  
Cell Biology NONE  
Clinical Research Scholars


Epidemiology & Biostatistics Haley Gittleman Rebecca Carter
Genetics Andrea Cohen Lana Pollock
Molecular Biology & Microbiology Yotam Blech-Hermoni  
Molecular Medicine Maha Saber  
Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) Sirui Jiang Leo Kim
Neurosciences Kendall Hoover Nick Schmandt
Nutrition (M.S. Clinical Nutrition) Belinda Tolsma Brigid Titgemeier
Nutrition (Ph.D.) Stacey Chung  
Pathology Hana Russo
Pharmacology Philip Ropelewski  
Physiology & Biophysics Amrita Samanta Pamela Marcott
Systems Biology and Informatics Lindsay Stetson  

School Executive, Professional Programs, Chantal van Esch

Biosketch: : Chantal will be a fourth year PhD student focusing on gender, diversity and social justice in Organizational Behavior at the Weatherhead School of Management. Previously, she majored in Psychology with minors in Business Administration and Speech Communication at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Hobbies include applying research to everyday situations, pretending to be an executive chef and playing tennis.

Statement of Purpose: : As professional programs executive, Chantal hopes to accurately represent her caucus by allowing for open dialogue between senators and effectively handle their issues.

Senators Representing the Professional Programs:

DepartmentSenatorAlternate Senator
Designing Sustainable Systems TBA
Organizational Behavior Chantal Van Esch  
Social Welfare (Ph.D. in MSASS) Leon Harris Janelle Duda
Masters in Public Health Katie Gardner Jordan Black
Nursing (Ph.D.) Nirmala Lekhak  
Social Work Jazmin Long  
Finance Adam Stang  
Accounting Mary Sasmaz  
Design and Innovation Lee Zickel  


Grad-Pro Liaison, Neetu Guulati

Biosketch: : I am currently a second year PhD candidate in the department of Pharmacology in the School of Medicine. Previously, I attended the University of Michigan where I got my B.S. in Biochemistry and Biophysics and then Wayne State University where I got my M.S. in Basic Medical Sciences. I attended my first GSS meeting in January 2012 when the Pharmacology senator invited me to come to a meeting. My interest was piqued and I have attended almost every meeting since then. This past year, I served as the school executive for the School of Medicine, as well as serving on the Mentoring and Diekhoff committee and Professional Development committee. I also participated in the ad hoc committee put forth by Student Affairs to explore unification between GSS and GPC. I spend my free time cooking, reading, and exploring Cleveland.

Statement of Purpose: : This year, there has been a conscious effort to increase communications and interactions between the Graduate Student Senate and the Graduate Professional Council. My goal as GSS-GPC Liaison will be to continue this effort in the next school year, and if both parties choose to unify I will put forth all efforts to make the transition as smooth as possible.