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"The Graduate Student Senate operates at all levels of the university— be it graduate students interacting with their senators or GSS Executives interacting with the Offices of the University President and Provost."

Change starts from the bottom up. Graduate students from all over the university come together and set the course of the Senate's business to address their concerns and improve the quality of the graduate experience at Case Western Reserve University. Within the Senate, graduate students will find a forum to consider all of their ideas and proposals to solve any problem small or large, whether it is a town hall meeting within their school, a meeting of a standing committee of the Senate, or the floor of the General Assembly.

Within these pages you will be able to learn about our upcoming General Assembly meetings, such as previous and upcoming agendas, meeting summaries (minutes), special and executive committee meetings, as well as general parliamentary procedure to be used during official meetings of the GSS (Robert's Rules of Order). You will also be able to find more detailed information about how to get the most out of being a Senator in the Senator Handbook or learn about the details of how a GSS Executive performs his or her duties by researching their standard operating procedures.