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Standard Operating Procedures

The GSS Constitution and associated Bylaws outline a number of duties and responsibilities to be carried out by Officers, Executives, and Senators within the Graduate Student Senate. However, when asking the question "how do I do this job," the answer may often be confusing or even unknowable without having prior experience in that position of responsibility. With every position, there are a number of "tricks of the trade" which must be learned by anyone who wishes to be effective and efficient when performing these responsibilities. It is the goal of standard operating procedures to help orient new executives and senators by providing an outline of the unwritten duties, responsiblities, and explanation of duties so that one does not have to completely re-learn every detail of her/his role by trial and error when first elected to serve as an executive or senator. For example, consider the specific duties of the GSS Information Officer:

   a. Advertise meetings.
   b. Maintain all electronic GSS files.
   c. Distribute announcements and information to Senators
   d. Publish GSS e-newsletters and other GSS publications when needed.
   e. Post committee reports and other relevant GSS information on the GSS website.
   f. Maintain and utilize all graduate student email lists in compliance with the School of Graduate Studies contract.
   g. Maintain GSS website.

Upon reading this, one may not necessarily have a clear understanding of how to advertise meetings. Certainly, you could just send an email to a group of people. However, what is unsaid are some very basic principles of marketing which if followed would advertise a meeting in a more effective manner. This specifc bylaw also does not describe how to manage a large listserv which will undoubtedly be used to send GSS communications to literally thousands of Graduate Students. This unwritten knowledge is essential for performing the listed duties of the Information Officer and this motivates the creation of Standard Operating Procedures to be used not only by electived executives or curious senators, but also for people who are considering running for office and want to know what all is involved in a specific position of responsibility be it GSS President or Alternate Senator.

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