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Resolution"Change does not come easily within a university. GSS Resolutions, however, can expedite change as they highlight the biggest priorities of the Graduate Student Senate. A well publicized resolution delivered before the graduate student community and negotiated with relevant agents of change within the University is a powerful tool within the Senate's arsenal - a tool you must use strategically yet sparingly." - Quentin Jamieson, GSS Information Officer 2009-2010

The GSS has achieved some of its most famous agenda items through the use of Resolutions. While graduate students are often discouraged by the slow pace of change within the University, we must be mindful that we are here but for a blink of an eye compared to the tenure of many of our mentors. We like to see tangible change within a year or two - certainly before we graduate. Enter the GSS Resolution. If a problem is widespread and urgent enough as deemed by the Graduate Student Senate, University Leaders must be willing to negotiate change on an appropriate time scale as recommended by the Senate. Be empowered. A university exists to serve and train its students preparing them to be leaders and mentors in tomorrow's world.

2011-2012 Resolutions:

Resolution # Description
GSS Resolution 2012.01

Request that Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) make a significant investment to improve the main- tenance and accessibility of the Veale Convocation, Athletic and Recreation Center:

2009-2010 Resolutions:

Resolution # Description
GSS Resolution 2010.01 Requesting that University Leadership consider and implement strategies for providing a subsidy for graduate student health care.

2008-2009 Resolutions

Resolution # Description
GSS Resolution 2009.01 Resolution to Recommend the addition of optional alternatives for dental care and a comprehensive review of Health Care Coverage for Students.

2007-2008 Resolutions

Resolution # Description
GSS Resolution 2008.01 Resolution to Recommend a Meeting of Administration and the Graduate Student Body to Discuss the Technology Fee.
GSS Resolution 2008.02 Recommend President Snyder's Signature on the University Presidents' Climate Commitment (UPCC).