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What does the Grad Student Senate (GSS) do????

The Graduate Student Senate is the legislative body representing all graduate students enrolled in programs through the School of Graduate Studies. The GSS collects fees from these students and uses this money to:

1. Lobby the University administration for policy changes on behalf of graduate students. 

2. Plan social and professional events for graduate students.

3. Serve as a resource to all graduate students seeking information, assistance, and/or outlets for involvement

How do you get Involved?

  • Come to the next general assembly meeting, open to ALL.
  • Check our Senators page, if your department isn't represented, become a senator.
  • You don't have to be a senator to be involved: See our committee pages, join a committee, get involved.

Who's my senator?

  • Check out our roster.
  • If your department doesn't have a senator email the GSS Secretary.

How do I become a senator?

  • Email the GSS Secretary and say you want to be a senator for you Department.

What things do I get to do?

  • Short answer: Anything.
  • Long answer: The GSS organizes social and professional events as well as discussing and taking action on issues important to graduate students such as Mentoring and discounted RTA passes. Many people participate on committees ranging from Research to Health Services to Budgeting to almost any other part of the University.

Why should I get involved?

  • The GSS is composed of grad students, just like you. If you have a complaint, the best way is to get involved and work to help change it. We all are busy, and we care about making CWRU better, so help out and let's make things better for graduate students.

Do I have to be a senator to be on a committtee?

  • Everyone is able and encouraged to participate. See a list of our committees.

What is the time commitment for senators or committee members?

  • Senators are asked to attend our monthly meetings for 1.5 hours. These meetings are intended to update the CWRU community about events and items important to graduate students. As the primary means of communication from the GSS to other graduate students, senators are asked to post fliers and relate emails to their departments and other graduate students.
  • Committees meet anywhere from once a semester to once every other week. Meetings are usually one hour.
  • All in all, it is up to you, time committment is anywhere from 1.5 hours/month to many hours per week, you get to decide.

How does my organization get recognized by the GSS?

  • See here for instructions.
  • All petitions for recognition must be received by the chairperson of the Student Organizations & Allocations committee no earlier than June 1st and no later than September 30th of the budgetary year for which recognition is requested. Petitions received before or after that time shall not be considered. A new petition for recognition must be submitted each year.
  • Previously unrecognized organizations may apply for Graduate Student Senate recognition at any time throughout the budgetary year. Application approval will be at the discretion of the Organizations and Allocations Committee.
  • Requests for funding must be submitted to and received by the Student Organizations & Allocations committee chairperson (see Committees page) no earlier than September 1st and no later than April 1st of the current academic year. Funding up to $500/year for a single or multiple events may be awarded by the GSS.

How do I add an amendment to the GSS bylaws?

  • The form to propose an amendment can be found here. Email the completed form to the GSS Secretary (listed here).
  • If you aren't a senator, suggest the amendment to your department senator found on the roster
  • If your department doesn't have a senator, volunteer by emailing the GSS Secretary (listed here)