CWRU Graduate Student Senate Calendar

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How To Get Involved?

Anyone can become involved in the GSS. The most common ways are to:

  • Attend a GSS Event
    Read our GSS Calendar and read the GSS Newsletter which is e-mailed to you weekly or every other week during the school year. Both the calendar and newsletter contain information about social opportunities, important GSS meetings, professional development opportunities, and other events specific to graduate students like you!

  • Attend a meeting
    The best way to learn about the GSS is to attend a General Assembly Meeting. Meetings occur on the 2nd Thursdays of the Month at 4:30pm in Adelbert Hall, 2nd Floor, Toepfer Room. You can see our meeting schedule on the GSS Calendar. All are welcome to come to our meetings. General Assembly meetings are a great way to hear directly from students like you - if you have a problem or think the university can do something better, this is a great time to let us know! See what we have discussed in past meetings here.

  • Join a Committee
    GSS initiatives/projects are advanced in GSS Committees. Where the real work of the Senate occurs, committees create social and professional development activities, advance mentoring within the university, assess the health care environment at CWRU, improve graduate student compensation, and reform/improve university policies. Our committees are listed below:

  •           Activities Committee | Courtney Diener, chair
              Health and Wellness Committee | Wedad Almutairi, chair
              Mentoring Committee | Chaturia Rouse, chair
              Diekhoff Committee | Chaturia Rouse, chair
              Professional Development | Elise Blankenship , chair
              Student Organizations and Allocations Committee | Tirth Bhatta, chair

  • Become a Senator
    Every department elects a senator who represents the needs and voice of graduate students. Senators should communicate and reach out to their fellow graduate students. They report findings to their GSS School Executive.