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Our Initiatives 2012-2013

  • Interdepartmental Events – Graduate students want more opportunities to connect with students from different departments through social and professional development events. Graduate students also want opportunities to expand their social and professional network to include students enrolled in professional programs.
  • Parking and Transportation – The cost and convenience of parking on-campus during the day is of concern to many graduate students.  We would like to expand on this issue by exploring the feasibility of alternative services that provide convenient, cost-effective transportation to campus as well as improving current parking options.
  • Improvement of campus IT and the Case Forum – Graduate students are not aware of many of the online resources and services available to them. Graduate students see opportunities to improve existing resources to better meet the needs of students. By assessing current student satisfaction with the Case Forum, the GSS wishes to provide recommendations to increase awareness and functionality of this valuable service.
  • Campus Security – The GSS requests that the university continue to improve security services for graduate students who may work late or live and park at off-campus locations.  In addition, we request that the university increase the advertisement of existing services designed to improve student safety.

In addition, we will continue work on initiatives to improve the Veale Center and campus athletic facilities and endorse a professional development center for all graduate students, sponsored by the School of Graduate Studies.  Both of these initiatives were top priorities of the Senate in the past academic year.
A Student Affairs task force has been convened this year to work on these very important initiatives. In the next few months, this task force will conduct a survey that will more closely examine the needs encompassed by our initiatives.


Our Achievements 2011-2012

  • Approved an Intergovernmental Resolution with USG and GPC to Improve On-Campus Athletic Facilities (GSS Resolution 2012.01)
  • Endorsed budget that included staff as a resource for Grant Writing
  • Reviewed benchmark data to determine Competitiveness of Student Stipends
  • Organized first Grad Student Appreciation Week and Pizza Lunch
  • Developed a University-wide Seminar Calendar
  • Planned monthly graduate student activities, including the largest event off campus (Grad Night Out) to date
  • Recognized 45 Diekhoff Award Nominees for Excellent Graduate Student Teaching and Mentoring
  • Organized and ran the Graduate Research Symposium
  • Started the Graduate Peer Review Service for student publications.
  • Increased the number of organizations recognized by GSS by 50%
  • Held the the 1st GSS Outreach and Connections Dinner, a meeting of graduate student organizations with the GSS
  • Organized the first Health and Wellness Fair