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GSS Recognized Organizations

GSS Organizational Chart 2009-2010Student Organizations which meet the requirements for recognition by the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) are afforded a number of benefits offerred by the University as well as the GSS. For example, these organizations are given the right to request funding from the Graduate Student Senate in an amount not to exceed $500 per each GSS Budgetary Year. Organizations are also eligible to reserve and use University resources, be affiliated with the University, use the University campus mail service for purposes related to the organization, use the University's copy centers and A/V equipment at University rates, and use program-planning resources of the Thwing Activities office (for a full description of all of these rights, please refer to Article VII of the GSS Bylaws).

Student organization recognition is granted for a term of one year beginning June 1st and recognition must be renewed annually. Recognized organizations a) are accountable to the CWRU Student Rights and Responsibilities policy published in the CWRU General Bulletin and Student Services Guide, b) consist of at least 50% full or part-time CWRU graduate students, and c) do not restrict its membership or participation in activities on the basis of "race, religion, age, sex, color, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression, national or ethnic origin, political affiliation, or status as a disabled veteran or other protected veteran under U.S. federal law" (CWRU non-discrimination policy).

To petition for recognition for your graduate student organization, please go here to complete an editable PDF form. E-mail your petition to, and when you finish, being certain to attach your organization's constitution and bylaws with the petition.



GSS-Recognized Graduate Student Organizations (2013-2014):

Name of organization Primary contact Advisor
Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Association (BME-GSA) Karin Lee Robert Kirsch
Biomedical Graduate Student Organization (BGSO) Sharon Rymut Paul McDonald
Case Iranian Society (CIS) Marzieh Ayati Saba Valadkhan
Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Organization (ChEGSO) Lindsay Boehme Dr. Uziel Landau
Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) Jiejing Hao Dr. Lei Zhu
Christians on Campus Jeremy Wang Steven Emancipator
Computational Biology Graduate Student Organization Sneha Grandhi Thomas LaFramboise
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Graduate Student Association Mike LaBarbera Kenneth Loparo
English Graduate Student Association (EGSA) Monica Orlando Dr. Kurt Koenigsberger
Graduate Art History Association Heather Cook Catherine Scallen
Graduate Discourse (The Student Association of Graduate Anthropologists) Raakhee Patel Lawrence Greksa
Graduate Materials Society Henry Neilson Matt Willard
Graduate Student Organization of Pharmacology Christopher Francy Derek Taylor
Graduate Union of Historians Katherine Schaub Jonathan Sadowsky
Indian Graduate Student Organization (SATRANG) Krishna Chaitanya Adolfo Franco
Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School CWRU Chapter Sarah Christman Mary Dolansky
International Friends Chao Lin Mingguo Hong
International Student Fellowship (ISF) Thomas Atta-Fosu Dr. Dorr G. Dearborn
Korean Graduate Student Association (KGSA) SiEun Kim
Macromolecular Student Organization (MSO) Brylee Tiu David Schiraldi
Mathematics Graduate Student Association (MGSA) Andrea Arnold Daniela Calvettin
Minority Graduate Student Association (MGSO) Elizabeth Akinbiyi Joseph Williams
MMED-Diversity Initiative Group Student Organization Francis Enane Marcia Jarret
PhD Student Nursing Association Nirmala Lekhak Jaclene Zauszniewski
Physics Gradute Student Organization (PGSA) Benjamin Saliwanchik Prof. Kathleen Kash
Society of Biomaterials Christa Modery-Pawlowski Nicholas Ziats
Student Public Health Assembly Louise Flavahan Kristina Knight
Thai Student Association (TSA) Sorapan Smuthkochorn Dr. Vira Chankong
Union of Turkish Students at Case (UTURK) Mustafa Unal Gultekin Ozsoyoglu
Women in Doctoral Studies Vickie Webster Susan Freimark