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"The GSS is not an exclusive club whose volunteers come by invitation only; rather, it's a representative body whose accuracy increases as more graduate students participate, and each one is welcome. The GSS is at its strongest when students from the humanities engage with students from engineering; when students from the arts complement students from the sciences; when the worldly insight of our international students merges with the experience of our domestics; ultimately, when we all work together for the GSS' common purpose, which is to make the graduate student experience at Case Western Reserve the very best it can be."

- Kevin M. Speer, GSS President 2007-2008

The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is an experience from which all graduate students can benefit. Graduate students, at first stuck in the confines of their labs and offices can attend a GSS meeting and directly engage in relationships with other graduate students from any department, discipline, or school within the university. The GSS provides social opportunities, professional development opportunities, and builds strength of character as graduate students transform themselves into the leaders of tomorrow.

What is most powerful about the Graduate Student Senate is that the skills learned within the Senate are directly transferable to every other aspect of an student's life. Whether students learn how to more meaningfully engage with their mentor or learn to appreciate the transformative dialogue which comes with interacting with a diverse group of people, graduate students can learn how to be independent leaders with strong interpersonal communication skills they gain through the GSS.