Jim Nauer

Case Western Reserve University
Information Technology Services


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Questionably complete Picture Page

Historical Reference (previous decades)

The Millennial Edition (ca. 2001 or 2002?)

The 1990's version: "Jim's Web Page--The Classic Edition". There are actually two copies, the original one with a GIF image so it still works in the first version of Mosaic (you do remember that program, don't you?), and a slightly updated version written for Netscape 0.6 that uses a JPEG image and one or two other tweaks.

The original one was tweaked a couple of times over the years, so the only way to get to the amusingly archaic "hotlist" page is via the "new" Netscape version. Also, it appears that the résumé page was updated some time in 1996. Other than that, this stuff is unchanged since November of 1994. Alas, my very first home page (Fall of 1993) appears to be buried in the sands of time...