Courses Designed for International Students

On campus, several courses have been designed specifically for international students.  Students can register for any of the courses using the SIS registration system.

ENGL 148: Introduction to Composition

English 148 is an introductory, three-credit course designed to help students develop basic academic writing skills. The course is appropriate for both native speakers and those for whom English is not a first language. Students will develop strategies for reading texts critically, and effectively communicating their views in writing. Course goals include acquiring greater ease in organizing, focusing, and developing ideas. Classes are small and a great deal of individual tutorial work is provided along with formal instruction. There is a limited enrollment of 12 in each section.

ENGL 150: Expository Writing

As a course in expository writing, English 150 requires substantial drafting and revising of written work. Topics, readings, and writing assignments vary across individual course sections.

ENGL 180: Writing Tutorial (1 credit)

English 180 is a one-credit writing tutorial class designed to develop students’ expository writing skills through weekly scheduled conferences with a Writing Resource Center Instructor. Goals are to produce clear, well-organized, and mechanically acceptable prose, and to demonstrate learned writing skills throughout the term. Course content is highly individualized based on both the instructor’s initial assessment of the student’s writing and the student’s particular concerns. All students must produce a minimum of 12 pages of finished writing and complete other assignments as designed by the instructor to assist in meeting course goals.

ENROLLMENT: Course times are based on both the student’s schedule and instructor availability. After enrolling, students are responsible for contacting the Writing Resource Center to begin the scheduling process. Students may e-mail, or call the Director, Dr. Megan Swihart Jewell, at 216-368-3799.

ENGL 186: Writing Workshop for Researchers (2 credits)

The course is an individualized writing workshop/tutorial for Case Western Reserve University graduate students, faculty, and staff. Although it may be appropriate for native speakers of English, it is intended primarily for individuals who wish to improve their academic and professional US English skills. It highlights two primary modes of communication—discussion and writing. Students meet together in a weekly seminar to improve oral communication and to address common English writing and grammar concerns.  In addition, students meet individually with the instructor weekly for practice and instruction in academic/professional genres of writing.

HISTY 110: Introduction to US History for International Students

This course offers an introduction to U.S. history for international and other students who have not studied U.S. history in secondary school. The course will emphasize topics relevant to understanding how change over the past 250 years has shaped the diversity of the people, the development of the economy, and the government and politics, and the international position of the U.S. as they exist today.