Draft Plan for Internationalization

The Draft Plan for Internationalization ready for review by campus community—comments invited..

The International Planning Committee (IPC) has been engaged since January, 2011 in a planning process to develop a plan of internationalization for the university. Over 75 faculty, administrators and students have served on the IPC and its working groups, examining the current state of internationalization at the university, identifying best practices, projecting future trends and developing strategic university-wide goals. Further input has been received through interviews, campus forums and meetings with many other faculty, administrators and students. The IPC has worked hard to keep members of the university community aware of its work. It now wants to be sure all members of the campus community have a chance to comment on the draft Plan for Internationalization.

A draft of the Plan for Internationalization is available in our download center for comment by the campus community. Please send comments, to david.fleshler@case.edu. Your thoughts and input are welcome.