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The Center for International Affairs has provided over $60,000 to fund 12 different projects over the last two years and is proud to highlight faculty seed grant awardees and the work they are doing to develop and progress sustainable initiatives to enhance internationalization at CWRU. The following is just one example:

Jessica Kelley-Moore, Professor, Department of Sociology

In her words:

Population Aging and Urbanization

The World Health Organization (WHO) model of “age-friendly cities” emphasizes the theme of supportive urban environments for older citizens. These are defined as encouraging “active aging” by “optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age.” In a global context where we observe the co-occurring processes of increasing urbanization and population aging, it is imperative that we identify the implications for the well-being of older adults living in these changing contexts.

I work with a network of international scholars, representing nine countries on four continents, to identify sub-groups of older adults who may be particularly vulnerable in urban areas; types of changes in geographic contexts that may serve to exclude or integrate older adults; and potential points of intervention for increasing social participation and making urban areas more ‘age friendly.’

We are presently funded by the Economic and Social Research Institute [England] to develop a research agenda in this area. To date, the Network has presented symposia at the meetings of the British Gerontological Society; International Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics; and Gerontological Society of America and is developing a research and training proposal for the Horizon 2020 agenda funded by the European Union. Case Western Reserve University, the only U.S. participant in this international network, would benefit because the grants will provide opportunities to train students, host visits from international scholars, and participate in cross-national research.

The Faculty Seed Grant from the Center for International Affairs at Case Western Reserve University funded travel to these network meetings in multiple countries, as well as helped sponsor a symposium. Graduate students have had opportunities to work on the U.S. portion of the research on aging and urbanization, attend the international Network meetings, and participate in the organized symposia. Further, the Network is planning a training workshop on aging and urbanization for via video conferencing.

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