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The Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing is one of 10 World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centers for Research and Clinical Training in Home Care Nursing in the US and one of 38 in the world.

The focus of the WHO Collaborating Center at CWRU is home care nursing -- the delivery of health care services in the home setting. As part of the activities of a WHO Center, the School of Nursing hosts international visitors, provides consultation around the world for the advancement of home care and the evaluation of existing programs, and works with international colleagues in the development of health policy materials for the World Health Organization and the Pan American Healthcare Organization.

Associate Dean, Elizabeth Madigan, has been leading the WHO Center for the past 12 years and adds, "Home care and home-based care are taking on increasing importance with the explosion of chronic diseases as most routine and self-care takes place at home. Helping people figure out how to take care of themselves has been the focus of home care nurses for more than 100 years."

CWRU hosted and co-sponsored the inaugural conference of the International Home Care Nurses Organization – The Future of Health Care at Home. Nurse participants included representatives from 13 countries, including Chile, Costa Rica, India, Jordan, Nepal, Qatar, South Korea, Singapore, Surinam, Thailand, Uganda, United States, and Zimbabwe. The School of Nursing, making this type of networking activities and group meetings available, provides opportunities to envision the future of home-based nursing care around the world.