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International Planning Committee

Responsible for overseeing the international planning process, the International Planning Committee is composed of faculty, administrators and students from across the university. In addition to developing a comprehensive internationalization plan for the university, the committee currently serves as the primary campus advisory body to the Office of Global Strategy.

In addition to establishing a structure for the Office of Global Strategy, the committee will develop strategies to enhance the international student experience, study abroad, collaborative opportunities within and outside the university and other international initiatives. Review the formal charge.

The committee is led by three co-chairs:

  • David Fleshler, JD, associate provost for international affairs

  • James Kazura, MD, director, Center for Global Health and Diseases, and professor of international health, medicine and pathology in the School of Medicine; director of international affairs for health sciences in the Office of Global Strategy

  • Janet McGrath, PhD, ssociate professor of anthropology, College of Arts and Sciences; associate professor of international health, School of Medicine

Committee Members

David Fleshler (OGS) Co-Chair 368-2397
Jim Kazura (SOM) Co-Chair 368-4818
Janet McGrath (A&S) Co-Chair 368-2287
Anne Borchert (Development) 368-0242
Rick Bischoff (Enrollment Management) 368-5445
Bo Carlsson (WSOM) 368-4112
Kimberly Cole 368-6280
Lev Gonick (Information Technology) 368-2899
Jared Hamilton (Undergraduate Student Government) (beginning January 2011)
Mark Hans, (SODM) 368-4649
Deborah Jacobson (MSASS) 368-6014
Peter Lagerlof (CSE) 368-6488
Leonard Lynn (WSOM) (through June 2010) 368-6048
Elizabeth Madigan (FPB-SON) 368-8532
Kelly McMann (CAS) (beginning September 2010) 368-5565
Marilyn Sanders Mobley (Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity) 368-8877
Glenn Nicholls(Student Affairs) 368-2021
Jeanine Arden Ornt (General Counsel's Office) (through July 2010) 368-8785
Charles Rozek (Graduate Studies) 368-4390
Michael Scharf (SOL) 368-3299
Lynn Singer (Provost's Office) 368-1610
Norman Tien (CSE) 368-3227
Colleen Treml (General Counsel’s Office) (beginning September 2010) 368-4286
Joseph White (CAS) (through June 2010) 368-2426
Jeffrey Wolcowitz (Undergraduate Studies) 368-4523
Stuart Youngner (SOM) 368-6196
Shengbo Wang (Undergraduate Student Government) (through December 2010)
Diwakar Vadapalli (Graduate Student Senate)