case western reserve university



Mission of the University Archives

Using Our Past to Inform the Present to Build Our Future

The University Archives maintains the corporate memory of Case Western Reserve University by preserving and using University records and publications of continuing value. Materials in the Archives document the significant aspects of the University's development and serve as a convenient source of reliable information about University programs, people, policies, and property.

Records allow us to make continuing use of knowledge gained from past experiences. Readily accessible and accurate information about past events and decisions establishes a context that informs present decision-making and actions, assisting University administrators to

  • •deal with current challenges and opportunities
  • •protect and promote the University's rights and interests
  • •ensure continuity and consistency in administration and operations

Like most organizations, CWRU accumulates enormous quantities of records to support its varied activities. A primary function of the Archives is to enhance the usefulness of these records. Thus, we identify, preserve, and organize records of enduring value which can be used for purposes beyond those for which they were created.