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Purpose of the University Archives Web Site

About CWRU Those of us who work with records every day know what a rich source of information they are. We also know how difficult and time-consuming extracting that information can be. The About CWRU section of the Archives web site is intended to make it a little bit easier to find and use that information.
  The reference archivists conduct research using University records and publications held by the Archives. Most of that research is for individual users. To supplement this individualized service, we have begun researching topics of interest to many users. The results of that research are published here.
  In selecting the first topics, we have relied on patterns of requests made by our users over the last 15 years. We have many more topics waiting for our time and attention, and we welcome suggestions for others that you would find useful.
  We focus on factual information, not interpretation. We try to cover a topic broadly and completely, but we know there are gaps and discrepancies. We do not claim a monopoly on The Truth. The only sources that we use are University records and publications held by the Archives. Our goal is to make the information in the Archives more readily accessible, not to write definitive histories. We select the most relevant and reliable sources, try to reconcile discrepancies, and cite those sources so you can judge whether to rely on the information they contain.
About Records Availability of trustworthy information about CWRU in 5 years or 100 years depends on the records that CWRU employees create and transfer to the Archives today. We hope to help busy staff manage University records by providing guidance on organizing, storing, and disposing of records. If you have particular recordkeeping issues you would like us to address, let us know.
About the Archives The Archives provides a range of services. We hope these explanations of what we can and cannot do will make it easier for you to use our services.
What Is Not Here Digital copies of over 25,000,000 pages in the Archives.

Finding Aids to the collection. However, in 2010 a pilot project was conducted to explore the use of the OhioLINK FACTORy tool to encode archival finding aids.The pilot was successful and finding aids are continuously added to the OhioLINK Finding Aid Repository.
Original Project Staff

Helen Conger
Dennis Harrison
Heather Henderson
Tom Steman
Jill Tatem

Additional Staff and Students

Eleanor Blackman
Marissa Hanthorn
Melissa Hubbard
Mariah Popp