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The University's Corner: 1895-1956

Henry R. Hatch Library

1882-1895 | 1895-1956 | 1957-2004

The University had grown in the years since the move from Hudson to Cleveland, and the library could no longer be housed in Adelbert Main. WRU trustee Henry R. Hatch gave the money to build a separate library building. The library was moved to Thwing Hall in 1943, after which time Hatch was used for research, teaching, and offices until it was razed in 1956.

University campus

An aerial view, ca. 1930s, of the University Circle area. Hatch Library is just right of center.

Adelbert campus

A view of the Adelbert College Campus, ca. 1900. Hatch Library is the first building on the left.

Hatch Library

A view of Hatch Library from the campus side. Amasa Stone Chapel is on the left and the Allen Memorial Medical Library is on the right (across Adelbert Road).

Hatch Library

The main entrance of Hatch Library, facing Euclid Avenue, ca. 1956.

Hatch Library

The west face of Hatch Library.

Hatch Library

The south side of Hatch Library, probably taken from Adelbert Main.

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1882-1895 | 1895-1956 | 1957-2004
Information compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve University Archives, March 2005.