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Non-Record Documents

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Most units use documents that are not University records to support their work. Because they are not records (i.e., evidence of University activities), these kinds of documents are not found in records disposition schedules. They can be disposed of entirely at the discretion of department staff. Examples include:

Blank forms or templates
•issued by the department for its own use (e.g., requests for vacation time that must be filled out by department staff and submitted for the manager's approval) or for use by others (e.g., Retirement Plan B Beneficiary Designation)
•issued by other departments or external entities (vendors, partners, etc.) and kept for convenience

•issued by suppliers (e.g., equipment, office supplies, workshops, publications)

Junk Mail and Spam

Magazines, Newletters, and Other Publications (non-University)
•issued by external entities (professional organizations, vendors, partners, etc.) and kept for current awareness or ongoing reference

Personal Messages
•email, voice mail, phone message slips unrelated to conducting University activities (e.g., car pool arrangements, doctor’s appointments, etc.)