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Case Gymnastics


Case did not have a varsity gymnastics team. However, they had Gamma Phi, a national honorary gymnastic fraternity.

Gamma Phi instructed gym classes, provided the cheerleaders for varsity games, participated in dual gymnastic meets, sponsored gymnastics and tumbling exhibitions, and sponsored an annual all-school dance.

The records about gymnastics are fragmentary, and in some instances contradictory. For instance, the Western Reserve University student newspaper, Reserve Tribune, reported a January 13, 1950 triangular meet between Kent State University, Case and WRU. There was no mention of this meet in the Case newspaper, The Case Tech. However, the February 24, 1950 edition reported that the Case and WRU Gamma Phi chapters put on an exhibition during halftime at the February 17, 1950 Case-WRU basketball game in Adelbert Gym.

The WRU yearbook in 1952/53 mentioned that the WRU team competed against both Ohio State University and Case. There is no record in the Case newspaper or yearbook of WRU and Case meeting.

This summary was compiled by staff of the Archives from sources in the custody of the Archives.

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