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Technology Images

CIT students study in their dorm room, 19?? (Image ID 00952D1)


Students iron their clothing, 1965 (Image ID 00993D1)

"The stereotypical southsider's room, complete with a daily does of Star Trek," 1992 (Image ID 00946D1)

Students listen in on another's telephone conversation, 1937 (Image ID 00950D1)

A student unlocks his dormitory mailbox, 1972 (Image ID 00949D1)

A student listens to phonographic records, 1960 (Image ID 00948D1)

Students retrieve their mail from the dormitory mailboxes, 1959 (Image ID 00947D1)

Student at Tyler-Thwing House, 1941 (Image ID 00951D1)

A student does his laundry, 1951 (Image ID 00991D1)

Students relax in the dormitory commons, 197? (Image ID 00996D1)