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T. Keith Glennan Picture Gallery


T. Keith Glennan, 1959

T. Keith Glennan, 1961-1962

T. Keith Glennan with model of Case campus, 1957

T. Keith Glennan, 1948

T. Keith Glennan, 1957

T. Keith Glennan

Dwight Eisenhower, T. Keith Glennan, and Henry Heald, 11/9/1961

Winfred Leutner and T. Keith Glennan knock down campus fence, 1948

T. Keith Glennan on a bulldozer at Yost Hall ground-breaking, 1950

T. Keith and Ruth Glennan at Sydney Airport, 10/22/1961

T. Keith Glennan, 5/14/1965

T. Keith Glennan, 196?

T. Keith Glennan, 1964?

T. Keith Glennan and John S. Millis at Case-Reserve Thanksgiving Day game, 11/26/1953

T. Keith Glennan at the Glennan Space Engineering Building dedication, 1/9/1969



Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve University Archives, March 2007.