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Confidentiality Disclaimer

Confidentiality Disclaimer

The LGBT Center’s student facilitated conversation groups strive to maintain an open and safe discussion space for all participants. We understand that some of our conversations may brush on sensitive or painful experiences. As you enter this space, please understand that conversations are confidential except for disclosure of the potential to bring harm to oneself/others or disclosure of sexual misconduct.

All members of the Case Western Reserve University are obliged to the Reporting Responsibility policy regarding sexual misconduct. Conversation group facilitators are not privileged confidential resources and are responsible for reporting all potential instances of sexual misconduct to a Designated Reporting Representative at the University.

For Confidential Support Resources, please contact the campus (SAFE) Line at 216.368.7777 (24/7) or University Counseling Services at 216.368.5872 (24 hours).

For more information regarding Case Western Reserve Univeristy’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and Reporting Responsibility, please visit

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CWRU Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center