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Benny Morris Lectures

Benny Morris Lectures

Looking Back at the Six Day War: Victory and Loss

Wednesday, May 24 | 7 p.m.

Benny Morris, Professor at Ben Gurion University

Nothing is as bad as a great defeat - except a great victory. The 1967 War established Israel as a regional power and led to the firming up of its alliance with the USA. But it also challenged the neighboring Arab states to regain their lost territories, leading to subsequent wars. Ultimately, Israel withdrew from the Sinai and peace with Egypt was attained. But the war also left Israel in possession of the West Bank and Gaza Strip - and it has been unable to disgorge these territories ever since, auguring the emergence of a binational Jewish-Arab state, an anathema to most Zionists.

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Reflections on 1967: Then and Now

Thursday, May 25 | 10 a.m.

A moderated discussion with:

Benny Morris, Professor at Ben Gurion University

Brian Amkraut, Executive Director of Lifelong Learning, CWRU

Do you remember the Six-Day War? What does 1967 mean for you looking back now? How have your thoughts changed over the last half-century? For the younger generation, how have Six Day War stories shaped your relationship to Israel? Join renowned Israeli historian, Benny Morris, and moderator Brian Amkraut as they engage your reflections.

We encourage you to submit your own thoughts in advance to have them included in the conversation with Professor Morris. Please send to Alanna Cooper with subject header Six Day War at


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