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Certificate Program in Ethics

Certificate Program in Ethics

Designed by Case Western Reserve University faculty members, Shannon French, a world-leading expert in military ethics, and Anthony Jack, a leading researcher in the psychology and neuroscience of ethics, this innovative program provides a two-day immersive introduction to the philosophy, psychology and neuroscience of ethical behavior, with practical applications to everyday life.


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Course Topics for Certificate:

The certificate is a two-day intensive program.

Day One: What is ethics? Philosophical approaches and practical examples

  • Act vs. consequence theories of ethics
  • Moralizing vs. ethics (restraint vs. positively focused approaches)
  • Honor, Character & Virtue
  • What is Integrity and how can it be promoted?
  • Failures of Integrity
  • Moral Courage

 Day Two: The psychology and neuroscience of ethical leadership

  • Positive vs. negative emotions and promotion vs. prevention motivation
  • Analytic vs. Empathetic thinking in the brain
  • Obedience, conformity and climate
  • Tribal thinking & dehumanizing
  • Ethical inspiration: religious and humanistic approaches
  • Tuning your brain to achieve ethics and excellence


Certificate Program in Ethics (two full days)

July 27–28, 2016 (Cleveland, OH)

Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain an understanding of the following key issues in ethics:

  • Major philosophical theories of Ethics
  • Psychological processes which lead to destructive and constructive behaviors
  • Influences of context / culture / organizational climate on ethical behavior
  • How to achieve a better brain balance which promotes both ethical character and productivity
  • Practical strategies for increasing personal and organizational well-being and avoiding ethical pitfalls, including dealing with different personality types and organizational roles.
  • Case studies of organizational ethical failures and their causes

Cost of Certificate:




Nonprofit, CWRU and Friends of Inamori

Group of three or more**

Certificate Program in Ethics






($450 per person savings)

* Please note that credit card payments are subject to a 2.5% convenience charge. For alternative payment options, call 216.368.2090.

** Groups of three or more receive a $450 discount per person. For more information about this pricing option, call 216.368.2090.


Case Western Reserve University
Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence
Tinkham Veale University Center, Second Floor, Suite 280
11038 Bellflower Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44106


Shannon French is director of the Inamori Center and Inamori Professor of Ethics with a secondary appointment in the School of Law. French has nearly two decades of experience teaching ethics to multiple audiences and is the author of The Code of the Warrior: Exploring Warrior Values Past and Present. French’s research specializes in military ethics, and she is regularly invited to give public and conference presentations. French has received numerous awards and accolades for her warm and engaging teaching style.

Anthony Jack is research director of the Inamori Center and is associate professor of philosophy, psychology, neurology, neuroscience and organizational behavior. Jack uses psychology and neuroscience to shed light on issues of ethical and philosophical significance. He has published in all these areas and has directed the Brain, Mind and Consciousness Laboratory at Case Western Reserve for over 8 years. Jack has given numerous public lectures, including TEDxCLE, and his work has been featured in numerous popular magazines and radio programs, including Discover Magazine, Psychology Today, Fast Company, Huffington Post, and BBC World Service.

Receipt of Certificate

Participants will receive their certificates at the conclusion of the second day of the program.