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Siegal Lifelong Learning

Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies

Sundays, September 11–June 18 | 9–10:30 a.m.
No class October 2, 16, 23; November 27; December 25; January 1, 8, 15; February 19; March 12; April 9, 16, 30; May 28


Moshe Berger, Lecturer in Religious Studies, CWRU


Engage in a literary and theological exploration of a theme in the weekly Torah portion while enjoying a light breakfast. All are welcome to join this warm and stimulating study series. Texts in Hebrew and in English are provided.


Landmark Centre - Beachwood 

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Tuesdays, April 25-May 30 | 1–3 p.m.

Leatrice Rabinsky, Lecturer in Lifelong Learning, CWRU


In the forests, ghettos, and concentration camps, pockets of rebels resisted the Nazis by stealing uniforms and arms. Victims built secret tunnels, arranged aid from the outside, and served to encourage the weak.


Landmark Centre | Members: $90; Nonmembers: $110 | REGISTER >

Wednesdays, June 7-28 | 10–11:30 a.m. 

No class June 14

Alanna CooperDirector of Jewish Lifelong Learning, CWRU


Perhaps the most significant Jewish leader, Moses leaves behind no bibliographic source material other than the text of the Bible itself. Read and discuss Moses: A Human Life, by acclaimed scholar, Avivah Zornberg, who weaves Jewish exegesis with literary criticism and psychoanalytical theory to paint a vivid and haunting portrayal of this fragile hero.

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Landmark Centre | Members: $30; Nonmembers: $40 | REGISTER >


Thursdays, July 13 - August 3 | 6:30-8 p.m.


Brian Amkraut, Executive Director, Siegal Lifelong Learning, CWRU


An introduction to Jewish life in the modern era. This brief survey explores the impact of modernization on Jewish communities as well as Jewish practice and ideology. Specific themes include: the impact of the Enlightenment and political revolution; mass migrations; new synagogue practices and communal structures; Zionism and other responses to nationalism; Jewish life in America; and the seminal events of the Holocaust and creation of modern Israel.


Landmark Centre | Members: $60; Nonmembers: $75 | REGISTER >

Wednesdays, July 19 - August 2 | 10–11:30 a.m.

Brian Amkraut, Executive Director, Siegal Lifelong Learning, CWRU

Among the most famous anarchists in American history, Emma Goldman devoted her life to the project of emancipating all humanity. A Jewish immigrant from Russia, she traveled across the world to preach her vision of a world absent all forms of power and oppression. Read and discuss Emma Goldman: Revolution as a Way of Life by Vivian Gornick, for an incisive view into the drive behind radical politics.

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Mondays, July 31 | 7-8:30 p.m.


Tribe Talk is an edgy, informative, and engaging monthly conversation on trending Jewish news led by Brian Amkraut and Alanna Cooper, our resident Jewish news-junkies.


Moderators: Brian Amkraut, Executive Director, Siegal Lifelong Learning, CWRU & Alanna Cooper, Director of Jewish Lifelong Learning, CWRU


Landmark Centre | Members: free; Nonmembers: $5 per conversation | REGISTER >

Wednesdays, August 9-23 | 10–11:30 a.m.

Scott Dowling, M.D., Lecturer in Lifelong Learning

Inventor of psychoanalysis, Freud’s innovative and widely influential treatment was born out of his own experiences as a Jewish immigrant. He created what has been dubbed a “psychology of the immigrant,” and a way to come to terms with the Jews’ fate in Western Europe. Read and discuss Becoming Freud: The Making of a Psychoanalyst by Adam Phillips for an incisive portrait of the man and his work.

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Landmark Centre | Members: $30; Nonmembers: $40 | REGISTER >