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Siegal Lifelong Learning

Politics + Contemporary Issues

Politics + Contemporary Issues

Tuesdays, July 18 - August 22 | 1–3 p.m.

Donna Rumenik, Lecturer in Lifelong Learning, CWRU


"Never again" unfortunately has turned into "again and again." Human cruelty, ethnopolitical conflict, war, terrorism, and genocide continues presently to create destruction and suffering throughout the world. Psychology has an important role in contributing to an understanding of what leads individuals or groups to commit either acts of destruction or acts of goodness. We will examine and discuss past genocides as well as present genocides and mass violence through the lens of a perpetrator, bystander, rescuer, and survivor. In addition, we will focus on how an identity can be formed when one is a descendant of a genocide perpetrator or survivor. How the past is remembered or forgotten is also addressed.


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