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Honor Roll

Thank you to our friends who gave generously to the Lifelong Learning Program during this year. Donors listed below gave gifts of at least $100 since January 1, 2016.

Davida and Brian Amkraut

Suzanne R. Arnold

Nancy and Larry Bell

Cheryll and Robert Bellamy

Moshe Berger

Florence Chelm

Deborah and Kenneth Cohen

Deborah A. Coleman and Dan Aaron Polster

Erica Collins

Monica Dumitriu

Barbara and Barry Epstein

Ann G. Freimuth

Marc W. Freimuth

Elaine Friedman

Ellen W. Gerber

Antonette Graham

Elyse Marie Grasso

Pearl B. Hachen

Edith F. Hirsch

Sheryl and Dennis Hirsh

Neil Frieder

Monica Dumitriu

Joan I. Saks

Lesley Hirsh

James L. Hook

Robert H. Jackson

Richard A. Katzman

Susan Friedman Klarreich

Terri and Stuart Kline

Irwin Kornbluth

Byron Krantz

Ruth Kronick

Pearl and Fred Livingstone

Tamar and Milton Maltz 

Helga S. Miller

Jacqueline Miller and Stuart Morrison

Jane and Jon Outcalt

Elinor G. Polster

Joanne S. Prober

Robin and Barry Romich

Renee Schnider Sattin

Kyla and Mitchell Schneider

David Stout

Burt and Annette Randell

Bert & Elizabeth Wolinsky Charitable Trust

Ms. Doris R. Weller

Sally and  Stanley Wertheim

Felicia Westbrooks

Eleanor H. Whitehead

Joan Wittenberg

Donna Yanowitz

Joel Zaas

Iris and Gerald  Zahler

Salo W. and Jeannette M. Baron Foundation

Coldwell Banker Commercial EMMCO Realty Group

First Interstate Properties

Friends of Jewish Lifelong Learning

Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Regina and Nathan Herman Charitable Fund

Leonard Krieger Fund

David and Inez Myers Foundation

The Nathan and Fannye Shafran Foundation

David & Robert Stein Family Foundation

Sukenik Family Foundation




And a special word of thanks to the many, many donors who gave to the program at the $1 - $99 level. Every gift increases our ability to provide high quality programs to the community. Thank you!