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Siegal Lifelong Learning

Workforce + Career Development

Workforce + Career Development

Thursday and Friday, March 23 and 24

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


This two-day intensive course provides a practical treatment of the study of control engineering systems. It emphasizes best practices in industry so that participants learn what aspects of plant and control system design are critical.


The course develops theory and practice for digital computer control systems; PID controller design (modes, forms and tuning methods); Control structure design (feedforward control, cascade control, asymmetric topologies, multi-loop configurations); Dynamic performance evaluation; and some advanced control techniques (quantitative robust control, gain-scheduling) to design control solutions that achieve a good performance over a range of operating conditions.


Landmark Centre | Cost: $2,000 | REGISTER >


Siegal Lifelong Learning's Workforce Development Program provides non-degree career-enhancement educational opportunities through Case Western Reserve University for non-traditional/working students.

As a complement to undergraduate and graduate degree programming offered at CWRU, the Office of Career Development creates competency-based curricula both open to the general public and customized specifically for industry partners. These training sessions can be held on-site at corporate locations, on CWRU's campus, or remotely via video conferencing technology.

Through both open enrollment and industry partnership programming, we offer competency-based certificate programs to working students (with evening and weekend course offerings). Offerings can be developed as stand-alone non-credit certificates as well as credit-based offerings applicable towards advanced degrees.

While other local institutions do offer some programming in the area of workforce development, CWRU is the sole premier research university in Northeast Ohio with the national and international prestige to meet the needs of today’s global marketplace for advanced training, appealing to the industry demand for higher level practical and theoretical training to keep its professional staff competitive.


Mission and Vision  Career Development for Working Professionals

The Siegal Lifelong Learning Program’s Global Career Training & Development office is a trusted academic partner for industry leader assessments, training needs and developing global talent. Our program offers non-degree, career enhancement and educational opportunities for non-traditional students working in technology-related careers. Our process begins with an initial assessment and Voice of the Customer (VOC) meeting, which allows us to gauge the unique needs, strengths and opportunities for leadership growth. Then, customized solutions are prepared for each client utilizing learning approaches specific to the individual’s training needs. Upon completion of each course, participants will receive a certificate of accomplishment from Case Western Reserve University.


Case Western Reserve’s Siegal Office of Career Development Industry Focus:

• Serve needs of the technical and scientific marketplace

• Provide a central gateway to the university’s intellectual capital

• Conduct assessments and industry voice of the customer meetings

• Design collaborative projects with industry customers

• Provide access to students for internships and graduates as potential employees

• Provide collaborative research and continuing education opportunities


Customized Fee-for-Service Training and Development for Industry: An initial assessment with industry-based leadership teams is conducted in order to understand the unique needs, strengths and opportunities for collaboration. Then, the best solutions and approach for delivering quality, on-demand training for high performing teams is provided.


To schedule an initial company assessment and voice of the customer meeting, please contact Monica Dumitriu, MBA, Strategy Consultant, Co-Founder, Office of Global Career Training and Development at or 216.630.1724.


Download Global Training Program Overview (PDF)
Download Career Development Program (PDF)


The CWRU Siegal Lifelong Learning Office of Career Development Program is generously supported by the Romich Family Fund, a component fund of the Wayne County Community Foundation.

We are also proud to feature The Ohio Aerospace Institute as a partner organization. “By working together, OAI and CWRU can help ensure that Ohio’s workforce is prepared to meet the needs of the American aerospace industry.” — Michael L. Heil, PhD, PE, Retired President and CEO, Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI)

“The ability to retrain the mid-career workforce as well as provide focused training for early career entrants into industry is critical to the long term survival of our manufacturing base. Given this focus, the lifelong learning initiative launched by Case Western is pioneering a role for institutions of higher learning to play in satisfying this need going forwards.” — Stephen P. Johnson PhD, Director, Research & Development, Fortune 1000 Manufacturing Company

Timken Workshop Photo

Photograph used with permission from The Timken Company.

Materion group photo

“The course was well done! Thank you!!” R&D Engineer, The Materion Corporation