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Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals

Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals

Sarah de SwartSarah de Swart

Interim Director University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education, CWRU

William DollWilliam Doll

Presidential Fellow, SAGES, CWRU

This workshop has been postponed. Watch this page for updates.

This one-day, hands-on interactive workshop is designed to enhance presentation skills for technical professionals, from engineers and scientists to human resource managers. This workshop will help participants craft effective communication messages and then deliver them with polish and professionalism.


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Ohio Aerospace Institute, President's Room | $125 (OAI members); $150 (non-members) |


Proposed Agenda:
8:00 – 8:15 Attendees begin to arrive at OAI
8:15 – 8:30 Registration/Checkā€in
8:30 – 9:00 Overview and Introductions, Networking
9:00 – 11:00 Presentation Skills Workshop
11:00 – 11:15 Wrap Up (Additional book sales)


This is a workshop to enhance your presentation skills—from those you’ll use in an informal project report to colleagues, to a sales pitch, to a formal presentation to a roomful of professionals. It will include lecture, discussion, video and public speaking practice exercises. This session has been designed to help participants craft an effective message, and deliver it with polish and professionalism.


Workshop participants will:

  • Receive a copy of the book SPEAK (2014, Oxford University Press)
  • Develop a topic and give it an effective title
  • Craft a concise message and a memorable takeaway
  • Choose and organize your evidence, argument, statistics and images in ways that fit a talk, not a written paper
  • Organize your talk so you can both hold attention and keep to your time limits
  • Use notes, outlines and memorization
  • Nail a conclusion so your message is remembered
  • Know how to use PowerPoint and other visual aids effectively
  • Call on the powers of your voice and your physical presence to make your talk engaging
  • Prepare the day of your talk and soothe any performance anxiety
  • Obtain a CWRU Training Certificate to expand professional training


Learning objectives:

  • Learn to prepare and deliver any talk from a team report, to a proposal pitch to a technical speech
  • Learn the Four Key Rules of public speaking
  • Learn tips for attention-grabbing introductions and clinching concussions
  • Understand how to integrate facts, quotes and other evidence into your talk
  • Learn how to prepare and present visual aids, PowerPoint, etc. to reinforce your message, not compete with it
  • Learn tips for dealing with performance anxiety
  • Learn how to most effectively use your voice, gestures and body language clearly and convincingly
  • Learn what not to do when giving a talk


The skills gained at this workshop will:

  • Help you stand out from your peers as a technical professional who can communicate with all audiences
  • Help you move ahead in your career with CWRU's Presentation Skills training
  • Help you communicate and present with confidence and poise in front of their peers


Target audience:
This workshop is designed for technical professionals in engineering and science at any stage of their career. The workshop is also ideal for human resources managers interested in training their teams.