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A Travelin' Man

Things Chris Danner learned during his summer vacation: Fijians can drink grog until sunrise the following day; Australia in winter is "frickin' freezing"; and he's not the kind of guy to let a 70-year-old New Zealander call him out for resting during a rock climb.

Chris Danner

Case Western Reserve University art history major Chris Danner globetrotted across 10 countries as a world travel intern. Photo: STA Travel

Just what kind of vacation was Danner, a 21-year-old Case Western Reserve University art history major from Berkeley, Calif., taking? He was chosen as one of two World Travel Interns by STA Travel, a global travel company catering to students. Danner spent 2 months traveling with a group to 10 countries around the world, cataloguing his exploits on Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and a blog.

"You always hear that meeting new people and experiencing new cultures are the big reasons to travel, but I've found that my favorite travel experiences have been very simple events that have changed my life," Danner said in an email interview during his journey.

There was no shortage of such events on this trip. Danner blogged about volunteering in Fijian villages ("If you lift one kid in a village, you will have to lift up every kid in the village," he wrote. "Same goes for piggyback rides.") and his misconceptions of the Australian outback (no dingoes, didgeridoos or spear-wielding Aborigines). He also posted YouTube videos of his fellow intern, Indiana University graduate Lindsay Clark, eating a dinner of kangaroo meat.

The trip was not always easy. The days began early and some of the locales had little to no Internet access or electricity, Danner said, which made posting updates a challenge. Couple that with the fact that he and Clark wanted to spend time with other STA travelers—there were a fair bit of Twitter updates about beers and bars—and free time was at a premium.

Even so, Danner was able to ski in Dubai and go on safari in Africa.

Ideally, he said, he would like to find a way to couple his love of art with his love of travel.

"I think my dream job would be reporting on art events from around the world," he said. "The art world is no longer centralized, and to understand modern art movements I believe you have to have a global perspective."

the itinerary

Chris Danner country-hopped this summer in the internship of a lifetime with STA Travel, a global travel company catering to students. Here's a look at his schedule:

June 6-13 Fiji
June 16-18 Australia
June 21-28 India
June 29-July 2 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
July 5-11 Kenya and Tanzania
July 12-26 South Africa
July 26-Aug. 3 Greece
Aug. 5-7 Scotland
Aug. 10-14 Ireland

the updates

Chris Danner and a fellow STA intern used social media to share their travels. Get a closer look at their adventures with videos on the STA World Travel YouTube channel, photos on Flickr and stories on the World Traveler Intern blog.

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