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Former Spartans Team Up with Star Shooter for Hoops App

When Dave Hopla, basketball shooting coach to the stars, asked Andrew Impastato to build an app that would bring his legendary workout routines to the masses, the 2006 graduate turned to fellow alumni Chris Jennewein and Yulong Yang for programming support. Together, they built an app for the iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android devices.

Hopla, who records his every shot and prides himself on a 96.7 percent lifetime success rate, encourages his players to log their attempts, hits and misses in a notebook and monitor their progress. But many players were losing their notebooks, and paper and pencils just weren't cutting it in an increasingly digital world. That's when Impastato stepped in, and iHopla was born.

For 99 cents, the app gives users access to Hopla's professional workout routines and tracks the player's every shot. From amateur hoopsters of all ages to NBA players, shooters are scrambling to download the app and track their percentages. iHopla's Apple version was released in June. The Android version was released a month later.

"Dave always says, 'You can't score if you don't shoot,' " Impastato says. "It's something I've always taken to heart—in shooting, as well as anything else I do."

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