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Derelict Paradise: Homelessness and
Urban Development in Cleveland, OhioDerelict Paradise: Homelessness and Urban Development in Cleveland, Ohio by Daniel Kerr (GRS '98, '05, history) (University of Massachusetts Press, paperback, $26.95) Seeking answers to the question, "Who benefits from homelessness?" Kerr shows homelessness in Cleveland as a product of structural and political dynamics, not of illness or inadequacy. Get the book.

Long Drive Home Long Drive Home by Will Allison (CWR '91) (Free Press, hardcover, $22) In this New York Times best-seller, a quick jerk of the steering wheel, intended to scare a reckless driver, unravels Glen Bauer's placid suburban existence, putting his life on another collision course as he struggles to understand the extent of his own guilt. Get the book.

The Power of Paradox: The Protean Leader
and Leading in Uncertain Times The Power of Paradox: The Protean Leader and Leading in Uncertain Times by Nina Rosoff (GRS '72, organizational behavior) (Routledge, paperback, $34.95) Rosoff explains why and how leaders' actions can have consequences opposite to those they intend, causing failure. She explains what to do about it, and that leaders, like organizations, need to be agile, nimble and adaptive—what she calls protean— while they learn dynamic thinking with the power of paradox. Get the book.

Pursuit of Happiness Pursuit of Happiness by Sheldon Greene (ADL '56, LAW '58) (BookSurge Publishing, paperback, $13, Kindle $5) The American Revolution is near collapse when a member of the Rebellion's first spy organization falls for the wife of a pitiless slave owner in this gripping novel about hardship and love, oppression and freedom. Get the book.

Writing Personals  What's Holding You Back? 10 Bold Steps that Define Gutsy Leaders by Robert J. Herbold (GRS '66, mathematics; '68, computer science) (Jossey-Bass, hardcover, $27.95) Herbold, former executive vice president and chief operating officer of Microsoft Corp., shares 10 tried-and-true principles that have guided his career— from making courageous decisions and functional excellence to cultural innovation and cleaning up sloppiness. Get the book.



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