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Aggregator Tool De-clutters Social Media

Upon his graduation in 2009, Tim Gasper and fellow Case Western Reserve University alumni Jim England and Huston Hoburg joined forces to foster their idea for a social media tool that organizes, manipulates and archives tweets, Facebook posts and website bookmarks into shareable collections. Their brainchild, Keepstream, launched last year.

Today, thousands of bloggers, marketers and amateur social media gurus are using this free tool to curate the chatter from professional and recreational events, top headlines and TweetChats, or hashtag chats. Keepstream aggregates the social content, enables users to save it and then offers a widget to embed the content into shareable web pages.

"Social media is so noisy; you want to find ways to cut through," Gasper says. "So being able to handpick certain tweets and social media items and present them in a curated fashion is very appealing."

But the trio isn't stopping there. They are currently enhancing the tool with reporting and analytical features that pull in statistics and interesting facts on social content for a nominal fee.

"It's evolving to be something that's really big for businesses," Gasper says. "As we move more into analytics, businesses are going to benefit from learning more about their followers and learning more about what people are saying about their companies."

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