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iPhone Junkie Shares Favorite Apps

Last fall, Chris Jennewein, then a Case Western Reserve University senior studying computer science, helped develop ChromaWaves, a game in which players match their "core" color with that of attacking monsters. Today, the game is available for download at Apple's App Store; proceeds help buy games for young hospital patients.

So-other than his game, of course-what apps does he recommend?

  • Shazam: Identify, buy and share music
  • Pocket God: Download the latest version to play an island-adventure mini-game, Konkey Dong
  • Fandango: Find theater times, see movie listings and purchase tickets
  • Sleep Cycle: Analyze sleep patterns and wake up in your lightest sleep phase
  • Netflix: Browse and watch shows and movies
  • Blue Defense: Defend your planet from an invasion force
  • Guitar Hero: Rock out with legendary artists and modern favorites
  • Dictionary.com: Find definitions and synonyms
  • Chipotle: Locate stores and order your favorite burrito
  • Words with Friends: Play scrabble online with friends

What are your favorite iPhone apps? Tell us about in the Comments section!

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