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Bye-Bye, Fanny Pack. Hello, Man Purse

When Scott Jordan, JD, a 1992 graduate of Case Western Reserve University's School of Law, invented the SCOTTEVEST in 2000, he thought it would be a clever way for gadget guys (and girls) like himself to lug around their toys without resorting to the dreaded fanny pack.


SCOTTEVEST's Carry-on Coat is billed on the company's website as the "coat the airlines don't want you to know about," touting how its 33 pockets make luggage obsolete.

Fast-forward 11 years. His clothing line is a cult hit, and his creation has become, as Jordan says, "the world's first effective man purse."

His fans blog about traveling the world for 90 days with nothing but what they fit in their coats, and an online video shows a camping enthusiast unloading a four-person tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, water bottle and other essentials from his jacket.

Though it may enrage airlines-and Jordan has done his share of that, especially after he tweeted about an in-flight magazine that turned away an ad that hyped his clothes as a way to save money on checked baggage-it seems everything you'd ever need for travel, and probably more, can find a home in a SCOTTEVEST.

And though you might be exempt from baggage fees (and still have room for other amenities that airlines charge for, like food, water, pillows, blankets and headphones) you're still not above the law-so leave the nail clippers at home.

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