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The Architecture of Silence

David Heald, head photographer at the Guggenheim Museum and 1973 graduate of Western Reserve College can't seem to get away from work, even when he tries to take a break.

A 1985 trip to Provence—intended as a vacation—gave rise to a ten-year project of photographing Cistercian Abbeys in the French countryside.

"I went to the South of France to Provence because I was interested in the landscape there," Heald says. "I'd read about it, I'd never seen it. I took a couple of weeks vacation-a photography vacation."

He intended to photograph the landscape, but when he happened on a group of three Cistercian Abbeys, his focus changed. "It absolutely just boggled my mind. I got really interested in photographing that building. I basically gave up the idea of photographing the landscape because the architecture just grabbed me. What started on that trip in 1985 blossomed into kind of a passion for these medieval buildings. They are these beautiful austere spaces with amazing acoustics and light."

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