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Teens @ Risk

Teens who send more than 120 text messages a day are likely to be putting themselves at risk for far more serious health problems than just sore thumbs, says Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine's Scott Frank, MD. Compared with their more moderate peers, and controlling for such factors as race, gender and household structure, Frank found that hyper-texters are:

  • 3 ½ times more likely to have had sex
  • 90% more likely to report four or more sexual partners
  • 2 times as likely to have tried alcohol
  • 41% more likely to have used illicit drugs
  • 34% more likely to be binge drinkers
  • 55% more likely to have been in a physical fight
  • 43% more likely to have tried cigarettes

Frank reported similar results among hyper-networkers-teens who log more than three hours per school day on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

For more information about this study and researchers visit Medicus

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