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Top of Mind

New patients at the Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine clinic are getting more out of their visits, thanks to a program that aims to make the dentist’s chair a one-stop shop for a broader spectrum of health care.

Students from the School of Dental Medicine and the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing have teamed up for CHOMP, short for the Collaborative Home for Oral Health, Medical Review and Health Promotion. The interprofessional initiative partners nurse practitioner students with dental students to provide preventive health services within a patient’s regular dental appointment.

The three-year test program kicked off in late January and is funded by a grant from the federal Health Resources and Services Administration.

For the duration of the grant, new patients can have their blood pressure and cholesterol checked, and even get flu shots, at no charge beyond what they pay for their regular dental exam. Patients also can receive treatment for the flu, strep throat and other non-chronic illnesses.

Faculty members from both schools monitor and guide student teams, and patients who need follow-up medical care are referred to local health care providers.

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