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This page describes the research interests of over 200 researchers who are members of the BSTP training programs. The wide range of research areas represented here highlights the strength of the BSTP, which allows students to choose a thesis topic in almost any area of the biomedical sciences.

PhD trainers provide intellectual and financial support to students during their education and represent the most important mentors for the scientific development of young researchers. Trainers are periodically reviewed. Please contact Dr. Paul MacDonald for more information.

Many of the faculty members listed below have web pages that describe their research in more depth. Clicking on a name will open their page in a new window.

Abbott, Derek

Innate Immune and Inflammatory Signaling

Adams, Drew

Identification and characterization of bioactive small molecules for use in cancer and other diseases

Adoro, Stanley

Unfolded protein stress response, hematopoietic stem cells, leukemia, T-cell homeostasis and autoimmunity, role of cellular protein quality control in immune cell homeostasis and blood cancers

Alagramam, Kumar

Genetic basis of hearing loss: Analysis of genes involved in sensory hair cell development and susceptibility to noise-induced hearing loss using a mouse model system

Aldred, Micheala

Clinical problems arising from 2q37 deletion syndrome.

Almasan, Alexandru

Mechanisms of cell cycle control and cell death in tumor cells.

Anderson, James

Biocompatability, immune responses to foreign materials, phagocytosis, inflammation

Anthony, Donald

Immunopathogenesis of hepatitis C virus and HIV-hepatitis C virus infection

Baker, Kristian

Regulation of gene expression at the level of RNA transport, translation and turnover. mRNA quality control. Mechanisms underlying recognition and degradation of nonsense codon-containing mRNAs. Identification and characterization of long noncoding RNAs.

Basch, Martín

Development and regeneration of the inner ear; Molecular causes of congenital deafness

Bergmann, Cornelia

Interaction between the central nervous system and immune responses to microbial infection

Bonomo, Robert

Structure function studies of Class A beta-lactamases. Understanding enzymological factors that permit the successful evolution of beta-lactamases in the clinic. Development of immunological tools to study beta-lactamase expression in enteric bacilli.

Boom, Henry

CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cells, gamma delta T cells, tuberculosis, cytokines, antigen processing, anti-microbial immunity, HIV-1, pulmonary host defense

Boron, Walter

Acid-base homeostasis, Gas channels

Brady-Kalnay, Susann

Receptor protein tyrosine phosphatases, cell adhesion, and signal transduction; PTPs in adherens junctions and desmosomes.

Broihier, Heather

Genetic and molecular analyses of motorneuron specification and differentiation

Brunengraber, Henri

Metabolic regulation, ketone body metabolism, design and testing of synthetic nutrients, ethanol metabolism, lipogenesis

Buchner, David

Epigenetics, gene expression, obesity and diabetes, insulin signaling, glucose transport

Buck, Matthias

Structure/dynamics of protein complexes involved in cancer and in cardiovascular development: Molecular mechanism of plexin, Eph transmembrane receptors and small GTPases in cell motility

Canaday, David

Mechanisms of increased pathogenesis during HIV/TB co-infection specifically involving properties of macrophages and dendritic cells. Predictors of influenza and shingles vaccination failure in older adults.

Carey, Paul

Enzyme mechanisms, Raman spectroscopy, proteases, physical biochemistry

Carlin, Cathleen

Receptor tyrosine kinase signaling, human adenoviruses, protein sorting

Chakrapani, Sudha

Structural dynamics underlying ligand- and voltage-gated ion channel function. EPR spectroscopy, electrophysiology and X-ray crystallography.

Chance, Mark

High-throughout structure and systems biology

Chen, Shu

Aging; cell biology; dementia; degenerative disease; neuroscience; prion disease; protein chemistry

Chiel, Hillel

Neural networks, electrophysiology, modeling, Aplysia, biomechanics, feeding behavior.

Cobb, Brian

The role of microbial and host glycans on immune regulation and inflammatory disease

Coller, Jeffery

Regulation of the translation rate of cellular mRNAs. Movement of mRNAs from ribosomes to P-bodies as a mechanism of translational control.

Cominelli, Fabio

Crohn's Disease, General GI, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Ulcerative Colitis

Conlon, Ron

Targeted Mutagenesis in Mice, Gene controlling morphogenesis and pattern formation in mice, New Approaches to Genome Mapping in the Mouse

Cooper, Kevin

Psoriasis; atopic dermatitis; autoimmunity; cutaneous immunobiology; UV and solar effects; immunomodulatory therapy

Croniger, Colleen

Metabolism, CAAT/enhancer binding protein beta (C/EBP beta), transcription, Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PEPCK), knockout animal models, perinatal metabolism.

Danielpour, David

Function and regulation of TGF-ß in the prostate

Dealwis, Chris

To study the structure-function relationship of macromolecules using structural biology and biochemical tools.

deBoer, Piet

Bacterial molecular genetics; biochemistry and cell biology; formation of the division of septum and related cell cycle events

Deneris, Evan

Mechanisms of neuronal gene expression, cholinergic and serotonergic transmitter systems.

Difeo, Analisa

Molecular biology of ovarian cancer; identification of genetic aberrations that are critical for the development of drug resistance and metastasis, role of miRNA in ovarian cancer biology, drug discovery

Distelhorst, Clark

Steroid hormone action; programmed cell death; apoptosis.

Driscoll, Donna

RNA editing, translational recoding events, posttranscriptioanl gene regulation

Drumm, Mitch

Cystic Fibrosis; Site-Directed Mutagenesis; Structure-Function of Ion Channels

Dubyak, George

Signal transduction involving receptors for extracellular ATP; inflammatory signal transduction mechanisms; mechanisms of nucleotide release and extracellular metabolism.

Durand, Dominique

Computational Neuroscience, electrophysiology, hippocampus.

Egelhoff, Thomas

Regulation of cytoskeletal force generation; nonmuscle myosin and actin dynamics, cell migration and cytokinesis; cancer cell migration; skin wound healing

Eng, Charis

Clinical cancer genetics

Fairchild, Robert

Skin disease, Skin and cardiac allograft rejection, T cell recruitment to inflammation in peripheral tissues

Fox, Paul

Regulation of Endothelial Cell Motility, Role of Ceruloplasmin in Inflammation and Atherosclerosis, Iron Homeostasis

Friel, David

Calcium homeostasis, electrophysiology, ion channels, modulation, optical methods for measuring Ca2+, modeling.

Gambetti, Pierluigi

Prion disease, neurodegenerative disorders, prion protein, protein conformation, transgenic animals, transfected cells, animal models, cell models, prion protein gene, spongiosis, anatomical-clinical correlation, polymorphism, genotype phenotype correla

Garvin, Jeffrey

Regulation of renal ion transport, hemodynamics and cell signaling, and their roles in blood pressure control

Gerken, Thomas

Protein structure and dynamics; NMR techniques; molecular modeling of glycoproteins and mucins

Gerson, Stanton

Transgenic mice and carcinogenesis, retroviral gene therapy, DNA repair, hematopoietic stem cells

Gott, Jonatha

RNA editing mechanisms, control of gene expression, Physarum genetics

Greenfield, Edward

Osteoporosis, loosening of orthopaedic implants, cytokines, osteoblasts, osteoclasts, bone resorption, cell-cell interactions, osteosarcoma, metastatis

Gupta, Sanjay

Biomarker(s) for early detection and prognosis of prostate cancer; molecular targets for prevention and treatment of prostate cancer; chemoprevention of prostate cancer by dietary agents; epigenetic mechanisms of gene silencing and its reactivation by natural agents

Hamilton, Thomas

Analysis of mechanisms regulating inflammatory gene expression in mononuclear phagocytes. Analysis of stimulus-dependent control of chemokine and cytokine mRNA stability

Harding, Clifford

Immunology, MHC, antigen processing, T cell, phagocytosis, endocytosis, subcellular fractionation, mycobacteria, tumor immunity

Harris, Ann

Tissue-specific and temporal regulation of gene expression in health and disease. Functional genomics of regulatory elements. Transcriptional networks. Chromatin architecture.

Harte, Peter

Transcription Activation; Repression; Chromatin Structure; Homeotic Genes

Hatzoglou, Maria

Molecular mechanisms of the cellular response to stresses, including inflammation and diabetes. Tissue culture and mouse models of stress-induced transcriptional and translational mechanisms under disease conditions

Hazen, Stanley

Biochemical mechanisms of oxidant stress and inflammation in cardiovascular disease and asthma

Hise, Amy

Innate immune responses to microbial pathogens and parasites.

Hodges, Craig

Reduced growth and intestinal manifestations of Cystic Fibrosis; creation of mouse models; modifier genes

Huang, Alex

Regulation between immune activation and tolerance is crucial in the pathogenesis of cancer.

Imanishi, Yoshikazu

Localization of proteins and chemical intermediates invloved in phototransduction and the visual cycle.

Iyengar, Sudha

Molecular and statistical genetic dissection of multifactorial diseases; common chronic diseases of the eye and the kidney; speech sound disorder

Jackson, Mark

Genetic events that contribute to breast hyperplasia

Jankowsky, Eckhard

Single molecule enzymology (RNA helicases) & single molecule studies of ribonucleoprotein machinery (HCV replication and pre-mRNA splicing)

Jastrzebska, Beata

Signaling complexes of rhodopsin and the role of rhodopsin oligomeric organization in signal transduction. Molecular bases of light-induced retinal degeneration. Therapeutic potential of chromophore analogs in mouse models of retinal degenerative diseases.

Jin, Fulai

3D genome architecture; transcription regulation; genetics of human diseases

Jones, Stephen

Voltage dependent ion channels, electrophysiology, patch clamp, Ca2+ currents, K+ currents.

Kao, Hung-Ying

Regulation of Gene Expression. Signaling pathways controlled by transcription co-repressors and histone deacetylases

Karn, Jonathan

HIV, AIDS, transcription, chromatin, retroviral vectors

Katz, David

Regulatory interactions in development of the nervous system, neurotransmitter phenotypes, neural growth factors.

Kazura, James

Immunoregulatory mechanisms of pathogenesis; acquired resistance to infection; malaria

Kelley, Thomas

Inflammatory processes in cystic fibrosis lung disease, inflammatory cell signaling mechanisms

Keri, Ruth

Hormonal control of mammary gland development and construction of transgenic mouse models of breast cancer; functional genomics of mammary gland development and cancer.

Kern, Timothy

Pathogenesis and prevention of retinopathy and other complications of diabetes; vascular cell apoptosis.

Khalil, Ahmad

Functional genomics of large non-coding RNAs, RNA-mediated epigenetic regulation

King, Christopher

T cell differentiation, malaria, schistosomiasis, filariasis, neonatal immunity, IgE regulation, mechanisms of acquired immunity

Kirwan, John

Nutrient metabolism, insulin action, body composition, and physical activity.  Effects of age, exercise, and diet on glucose-lipid metabolism and growth regulation in pregnancy.

Kong, Qingzhong

Molecular pathology of neurodegenerative diseases, inducible/conditional transgenic/knockout animal model systems

Koyuturk, Mehmet

Analysis of high-throughput biological data, algorithmic and analytical methods in systems/network biology, algorithms for data mining and analysis, parallel computing, algorithms for distributed systems, optimization problems in scientific computing

Kunze, Diana

Ion channels, neural electrophysiology.

LaFramboise, Thomas

Developing and applying computational tools to identify molecular variants that contribute to cancer and related diseases in humans.

Lederman, Michael

Immune mechanisms and immune restoration in HIV infection

Lee, Irene

Biochemistry, Bio-Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry

Lefebvre, Veronique

Transcriptional control of cell fate and differentiation

Letterio, John

TGF-ß in immune cell development and function

Levine, Alan

Intestinal Host Defense: Immune tolerance, immune protection, and HIV infection

Li, Xiaoxia

Signal transduction in innate and adaptive immunity

Li, Yan

The functions of non-coding cis-regulatory elements in development and complex diseases; functional characterization of non-coding GWAS SNPs in diabetic conditions; 3D genome organization

Licatalosi, Donny

Gene expression, alternative RNA regulation, protein-RNA interactions, mammalian germ cell biology

Lodowski, David

X-ray and electron microscopic structural studies of the macromolecular complexes that underlie the activation of G protein-coupled receptors and G proteins

Lou, Hua

Alternative RNA processing and its role in cancer development

Luo, Agnes

Neurodegeneration and neuroregeneration in the brain; neurogenesis and gliogenesis after stroke and other CNS injury; translational research to improve the self repair of the brain after stroke; improving the survival of transplanted neurons in Parkinson’s disease.

Luo, Guangbin

Mouse models for RecQ DNA helicase diseases and transposon-tagged mutagenesis in mice

Luse, Donal

Eukaryotic gene transcription and RNA polymerase

MacDonald, Paul

Vitamin D and vitamin D receptor-mediated gene expression, nuclear receptor coactivators, nuclear receptors and mechanisms of transcriptional regulation

Maciejewski, Jaroslaw

Hematology and pathophysiology of hematologic diseases including bone marrow failure syndromes (BMFS)

Manor, Danny

Signal transduction pathways that regulate normal cell growth and that are disrupted by oncogenic mutations. Molecular mechanisms by which some chemo-preventative agents, such as vitamin E, offer protection from cancer.

Markowitz, Sanford

Molecular biology of colon cancer; functional influence of oncogenes and suppressor genes on transformation, metastasis, and response to therapies

Matsuyama, Shigemi

Cancer Cell Biology, Cell Death Regulation, Cell Penetrating Peptide

McDermott, Brian

Neurobiology of the auditory hair cell: From functional analyses of mechanotransduction and synaptic transmission to its development and its role in deafness using the zebrafish model system

McIntyre, Thomas

Role of signaling molecules, particularly lipids, that control and modulate rapid cellular interactions and intracellular functions in human inflammation. Enzymes that make and inactivate lipid signaling molecules, and their roles in human disease.

Mears, Jason

Structure and function of eukaryotic proteins that regulate mitochondrial dynamics. Cryo-electron microscopy, biochemical and computational methods

Medof, M. Edward

T cell immunology, autoimmunity, and T regulatory function; cancer immungens; growth factors and apoptosis; ocular immunology; the connection between complement and neurobiology

Merrick, William

Mechanism and regulation of eukaryotic protein biosynthesis

Mieyal, John

Enzymatic reaction mechanisms involved in intracellular sulfhydryl homeostasis and redox signaling pertinent to diseases involving oxidative stress and inflammation, including cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases and cancer

Min, Booki

Homeostatic regulation of T lymphocytes

Moiseenkova-Bell, Vera

Molecular mechanisms and structural basis of pain and temperature sensation (structure-functional analysis of TRP and 2PK channels). Cryo-electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography.

Monnier, Vincent

Molecular mechanisms of protein aging, oxidative stress, complications of diabetes and aging, cataractogenesis, microbial enzyme technology

Montano, Monica

Mechanism of action of estrogens and antiestrogens in cancer.

Morton, Richard

Lipid and lipoprotein metabolism, cholesterol homeostasis, regulation of adipocyte lipid storage

Mu, Tingwei

Molecular mechanism of ion channel folding, trafficking, and function. Ion channel misfolding disease. Idiopathic epilepsy. Long QT syndrome.

Nagy, Laura

Basic and translational research in the role of innate immunity in liver disease; adipose/liver/gut interactions in liver injury

Narla, Goutham

Transcriptional regulation of oncogene signaling; mouse models of cancer metastasis; small molecule based drug discovery; alternative RNA splicing in cancer metastasis; signal transduction and the role of transcription factors and protein phosphatases in oncogene signaling

Nguyen, Liem

Interactions of pathogenic mycobacteria with host immune systems. Antibiotic resistance, pathogenesis, cell wall assembly and cell division control in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Nieman, Marvin

Mouse models of thrombosis, platelet signaling, protease-activated receptors

Nilsen, Timothy

RNA processing and transcription in nematodes. Homologous cell free systems are used to dissect in detail the mechanisms of cis- and trans-splicing as well as the transcription of UsnRNA genes

Nock, Nora

Ogino, Tomoaki

Molecular mechanisms of RNA viral gene expression in eukaryotic cells; viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase and RNA processing enzymes; anti-viral drug discovery

Oleinick, Nancy

Ionizing, radiation damage, chromatin structure, nuclear matrix of photosensitization-induced apoptosis, signal transduction, photodynamic therapy

Palczewski, Krzysztof

Mechanism of rhodopsin functions, rods and cones in the eye, phototransduction

Park, Paul

Mechanism of action of rhodopsin and other G protein-coupled receptors

Pehek, Elizabeth

Neuropharmacology and neurochemistry of brain pathways implicated in the regulation of mood, cognition, and reward.

Philippidou, Polyxeni (Pola)

Molecular mechanisms of neural circuit assembly during development, genetic control of phrenic motor neuron identity; synaptic specificity in respiratory circuits; Hox genes

Pikuleva, Irina

Cholesterol metabolism; Alzheimer's disease; age-related macular degeneration; biochemical, structural, mass-spectrometry, and in vivo studies of cholesterol-metabolizing cytochromes P450

Popkin, Daniel

Viral Immunology; mouse models, HIV & HCV pathogenesis, skin inflammation

Qi, Xin

Mitochondrial quality control, Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease, development of therapeutics for these diseases

Ramachandran, Rajesh

Molecular mechanisms of membrane remodeling, fission and fusion in synaptic vesicle endocytosis and mitochondrial dynamics

Ramakrishnan, Parameswaran

Regulation of signal transduction in health and disease: autoimmune diabetes, inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Ramirez-Bergeron, Diana

Cardiovascular stem cells and development

Rietsch, Arne

Bacterial pathogenesis; virulence gene regulation and structure-function analysis of toxin secretion systems in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Ritzmann, Roy

Sensory-motor integration, cockroach, electrophysiology, modeling.

Romani, Andrea

Hormonal regulation of cellular magnesium homeostasis and transport in liver cells under physiological conditions and in pathological diseases including diabetes and alcoholism

Runge, Kurt

Regulation of the length of telomere repeats and their role in cell physiology; Genetic pathways controlling gene silencing and cell aging.

Safar, Jiri

Protein misfolding, structure-function correlations, amyloid immunochemistry, age-related neurodegeneration, transgenic mice therapeutics, translational medicine, prion diseases, Alzheimer’s disease

Salz, Helen

Regulation of RNA Splicing; Drosophila Sex Determination

Scacheri, Peter

Genomics of cancer and other genetic diseases with underlying defects in chromatin structure and function

Schaffer, Ashleigh

Genetics of neurodevelopmental disorders and pediatric-onset neurodegeneration. Tissue-specific requirements of ubiquitously expressed proteins in development and disease.

Schiemann, William

Role of TGF-ß signaling, epithelial plasticity, and mechanotransduction in regulating breast cancer development and metastatic progression

Schilling, William

Molecular mechanisms associated with agonist-induced Ca2+ signaling in mammalian non-excitable cells and in particular, in vascular endothelial cells and renal epithelial cells

Schmaier, Alvin

Vascular biology of the kallikrein/kinin and renin angiotensin systems, examining the proteins prolylcarboxypeptidase, prekallikrein, factor XII, & high molecular weight kininogen. Development of an anti-platelet drug for heart attacks that is a thrombin and PAR 1 and 4 activation antagonist

Sedwick, W. David

Mutational specificity at DNA sequence level, DNA damage and drug access, DNA repair, genetic susceptibility to cancer, colon cancer, mutagens and their specificity

Sékaly, Rafick

Sen, Ganes C.

Mammalian gene expression of angiotensin-converting enzyme and interferon; Mechanism of interferon action

Sieg, Scott

Immune dysfunction in HIV disease; mucosal defensins and adaptive immunity; chronic immune activation in HIV disease

Silver, Jerry

Role of glial cells in development and regeneration of neural circuits, nerve regeneration, glia, axon guidance

Silverman, Robert

Molecular mechanisms of the antitumor and antiviral activities of interferons

Singh, Neena

Prion diseases, protein transport, chaperones, proteasomes, nuclear import

Skowronski, Jacek

HIV-host cell interaction, accessory proteins

Smith, Corey

Cell physiology, neural circuits and synaptic plasticity, secretion and endocytosis, systems neuroscience, neuroendocrinology, electrophysiology

Smith, Jonathan

Cholesterol metabolism by macrophages. Genetics of atherosclerosis susceptibility in mouse models. Genetics and drug discovery in mouse models of Alzheimer disease.

Stamler, Jonathan

Redox-based cellular regulation and signal transduction, and in particular the role of protein S-nitrosylation

Stelzer, Julian

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of muscle contraction in the development of hypertrophic and dilated cardiomyopathy

Stepanyan, Ruben

Physiology of mechanosensory cells of the inner ear; receptors for senses of hearing and balance; in mouse and zebrafish models; electrophysiology, optical and electron microscopy imaging

Stewart, Phoebe

Structural characterization of macromolecular complexes by cryo-electron microscopy and hybrid methods

Strowbridge, Ben

Synaptic physiology, hippocampus, olfactory bulb, computational neuroscience.

Subauste, Carlos

Immunology, cell signaling in host-pathogen interactions, Toxoplasma, HIV, autophagy, selective blockade of CD40 signaling to control disorders such as atherosclerosis and microvascular complications of diabetes

Surewicz, Witold

Aging; diseases of protein conformation; amyloid; prion disease; prion protein; Alzheimerís disease; molecular chaperones; heat shock proteins; cataract; protein chemistry; protein folding; protein-membrane interactions; biophysical chemistr

Sy, Man-Sun

Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy, prion diseases

Tartakoff, Alan

Dynamic spatial relations in eukaryotic cells and development of genetic strategies to combat disease

Taylor, Derek

Telomere maintenance and mRNA regulation.  Macromolecular structure and function, primarily using electron microscopy

Tesar, Paul

Stem cell pluripotency and differentiation; developmental neurobiology; developmental genetics

Tilton, John

Cellular factors that regulate susceptibility of cells to HIV infection. Defining the subsets of CD4+ T cells that are infected by HIV.

Tochtrop, Gregory

Linkage between oxidative stress pathways and lipid peroxidation. Role of the fatty acid binding protein family in lipid signaling

Tolbert, Blanton

Structural biophysics of protein-viral RNA interactions involved in gene expression

Trapp, Bruce

Cellular and Molecular Biology of Myelination, Demyelination, and Dysmyelination

Valadkhan, Saba

Mechanism of splicing. Determining if RNA molecules, which were the primordial catalysts in living systems, still retain catalytic function in the spliceosome, the largest cellular machine in modern eukaryotes.

Van Den Akker, Focco

Structural biology; infectious diseases/antibiotic resistance; cardiovascular diseases; small-molecule therapeutics design; cell signaling

Veigl, Martina

DNA repair, mutation analysis in bacterial and mammalian gene targets, mutagenic effects of nucleotide pool imbalance, colon cancer, genetic susceptibility, environmental mutagens

von Lintig, Johannes

Role of retinoids in processes ranging from development to vision, cell proliferation and metabolic control.

Wald, David

Cancer drug development; genetic and molecular analyses of leukemia

Wang, Bing-cheng

Molecular mechanisms governing cell migration and proliferation, experimental therapy of cancer metastasis using tumor-targeting peptides.

Wang, John

Role of protein tyrosine phosphatases in cancer; chromosomal instability in cancer.

Wang, Qing

Human genetics, angiogenesis, development and regulation of the cardiovascular system, electrophysiology, calcium signaling, apoptosis, and gene expression

Ward, Nicole

Development of the neural and vascular systems; angiogenesis; neurogenesis;  mouse molecular genetics; angiopoietins; vascular endothelial growth factors; neurotrophins

Watanabe, Michiko

Heart Development, cardiogenesis, apoptosis, cell signaling, coronary vessel development, lymphagiogenesis, cardiac conduction system

Weiss, Michael

Structural mechanisms of human diseases; Transcriptional deregulation and protein misfolding with applications to diabetes and disorders of sexual development

Willis, Mark

Neural basis of adaptive behavior. Odor-guided navigation and flight in insects.

Wise, Jo Ann

Mechanism and regulation of pre-mRNA splicing, RNA-protein interactions, fission yeast genetics

Wynshaw-Boris, Anthony

Pathophysiological mechanisms and novel therapeutic strategies of human neurogenetic diseases using in vivo mouse models and patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cell cellular models.

Xiao, Tsan Sam

Structural biology and biochemistry of immune signaling pathways; functional analysis of immune receptors during infections by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, HIV, and in autoimmune disorders such as SLE and psoriasis

Yang, Sichun

Estrogen receptor biophysics and integrative structural biology

Yee, Vivien

Determination of protein molecular structure using X-ray diffraction and correlation with function.

Zhang, Junran

Repair of DNA double strand breaks. Role of repair in protection against carcinogenesis by maintaining genomic stability. Sensitization of tumor cells to radiation and chemotherapeutic drugs by interruption of DNA double strand break repair

Zhang, Youwei

Molecular mechanisms of DNA damage and replication checkpoint control and their potential in cancer therapy

Zheng, Qing

Genes and molecular pathways that are involved in disease processes in mouse models of human deafness, including Otitis Media (OM) and Usher syndrome

Zhou, Guang

Transcription factors that determine cell fate and regulate cell function during skeletogenesis and bone metastasis

Zhou, Lan

Notch signaling in hematopoiesis; myeloid development; hematopoietic stem cells; fucosylglycans in cancer biology

Zhu, Xiongwei

Neurodegeneration, Alzheimer disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Oxidative stress, Signal transduction, Mitochondria, Cell cycle control

Zigmond, Richard

Changes in neuronal gene expression after injury.

Zimmerman, Peter

Influence of human and parasite genetic polymorphism on pathogenesis of infectious diseases

Zou, Wenquan

Protein aggregation in the conformational diseases especially on the physiological and pathologic prion proteins