Community Resident Researcher Training Program
If interested or for more information, please contact:
Mary Ellen Lawless, MA, RN
Community Development and Programming
Interested in becoming a Researcher?
We train and certify community residents to be researchers. To become a Community Resident Researcher, you must complete Case Western Reserve University’s Continuing Research Education Credit (CREC) Program.  This requires 12 credits of initial training.  Every three years the Community Resident Researchers completes 12 credits of continuing training to remain certified.
What is a Community Resident Researcher?
Community Resident Researchers:

Community Resident Researchers:

  • Must be 18 years old.
  • Will benefit by learning about current research studies taking place in Cleveland.  
  • Benefit the community by developing research that can help identify community needs.
  • Will have the opportunity to discuss ideas with area researchers and staff.
  • May be asked to: participate in collecting research data, look at study materials (i.e. research flyers or questionnaires), lead and/or participate in focus groups, help to explain research studies to study participants, and review research study results.
Why is being a Community Resident Researcher Important?
Community residents have a voice and want to be involved in projects. There are currently over 30 community resident researchers in Cleveland! 
Project Hype, Project REECH and the Lance Armstrong project are example projects community residents have been involved.  
What are Community-Based Participatory Research Projects?
Community-Based Participatory Research is a form of research which is focused on building equal relationships between community and academic partners (Wallenstein & Duran, 2007).  CBPR projects take place in the community, not in laboratories or hospitals. They involve community members in the design and conduct of research. 
What is included in the Training Program?
General topics included in the training program include:

Steps Involved in Research: Trainees learn about the different stages of the research process (i.e. research questions, study design, data collection, etc.).

Research Ethics: Trainees learn about the protections in place to keep research participants safe.

How to discuss a Research Study: Trainees learn how to discuss research studies with research participants.

What is the Case Western Reserve University's Continuing Research Education Credit (CREC) Program?
This program provides training in the protection of human subjects in research.
How to become a Community Resident Researcher:
The following links will provide informaton about the initial certification process:
The CREC Program and Research Education
Initial Certification in the CREC Program
How to become recertified as a Community Resident Researcher:
If you are currently a Community Resident Researcher, the following links will provide informaton about the recertification process:
How to Earn Continuing CREC Online (Recertification)
How to Earn Continuing CREC- Other Options
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