About the Program
Community Research Scholars Initiative (CRSI)
As part of the community engagement core of the P60, the Community Research Scholars Initiative has been created to increase research capacity of health and human service non-profits in Cleveland. The specific aims of the project are to increase research and evaluation skills through training research Scholars and creating a Community Research Network.  Through an intense application process, three Scholars were selected to the initial cohort.  These Scholars will participate in a two year training program covering topics ranging from research design, methods, program evaluation, and grant writing.  With focuses on evidence based practices and needs assessments, the Scholars will gain practical knowledge and build capacity to best impact their client base and the Cleveland community as a whole.

The CRSI will be tasked with creating a Community Based Research Network (CBRN), which will pool together the first and second cohort of Scholars as well as their supervisors to form a think-tank of the different perspectives on what is affecting non-profits in Cleveland and a grander scale.  With each organization and individual contributing their unique expertise, the CBRN will create a research or evaluation project that will have an even greater impact on Cleveland communities.  Other non-profit professionals will be welcome to participate in CBRN meetings as most will take place in conjunction with Community Research & Evaluation Seminars that will be open to the public. 
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