Community-Based Research Consult Service
If interested in learning more about how we can assist you or to schedule a consult, please contact:
Katrice D. Cain, MA, PC
Program Development Manager
Mary Ellen Lawless, MA, RN
Community Development and Programming
What is Community-Based Research (CBR)?
CBR takes place in community settings, not laboratories or hospitals. CBR involves community members in the design and conduct of research. In CBR, the community is the “laboratory”.
What is the Community-Based Research Consult Service?
The Community-Based Research Consult Service was developed as part of the Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative (CTSC) of Case Western Reserve University. It is designed to assist faculty members, researchers, and community organizations in developing quality community-based research.

All services are free and tailored to meet your specific needs. Services include, but are not limited to:
Research Project Development:
Assistance in developing and designing research projects within your organization, agency, or academic setting.
IRB Application Process:
Assistance in completing and submitting an IRB application.
Grants Assistance and Funding:
Assistance in writing grant applications and locating grant funding sources.
Survey Development and Refinement:
Assisting in developing and/or refining pre-existing data collection tools.
Needs Assessment:
Examining whether or not your organization is adequately meeting the needs of the population being served.
Data Collection:
Assistance in collecting data, data input and analysis, report writing, and database development.
Program Evaluation:
Assessing the progression in achieving your program’s established goals and objectives.
Best Practices:
Helping your organization identify and adopt best practices.
Dissemination of Findings:
Assistance in disseminating research findings to the community.
Examples of Community-Based Consults:
Focus Group Development and Data Analysis Assistance
Research Focus:
Caries Prevention
East Cleveland dental caries study focused on school-age children who are given gummy bears containing xylitol to help prevent dental caries. Population underserved, African American, inner-city, children and parents.
Consult service:
Data collection was in progress. The consult service helped with conducting a focus group to identify barriers to dental care. The consult service also provided assistance/training on qualitative analysis.
Spanish Translation
Researcher Focus:
Methods to enhance the delivery of primary care.
Osteoporosis prevention in Caucasian, Hispanic and African American women.
Consult service:
An Hispanic staff member helped with making survey questions more culturally and linguistically appropriate. Specifically, questions were translated into Spanish so that (Puerto Rican) Spanish speaking subjects understood what the researcher was getting at. With appropriate translation, questions were asked about a specific food and how much a woman took in of that food.
How to obtain a consult and what to expect:
You may schedule a consult by contacting one of the consult team members. Upon arrival, you will meet with our consult team to discuss your project. Following the meeting, a meeting summary, including key points and recommended next steps will be sent to you. We will work and meet with you throughout the project as needed.
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